Portable Shelter Uses and Benefits

06 Jun 2024

Portable shelter uses and benefits are endless. Portable shelters are a reliable, affordable, and low-maintenance solution for all your storage needs. From heavy-duty protection to added storage space, portable shelters have evolved over the years to meet a variety of different needs for those who invest. Here’s all you need to know about this effective outdoor storage solution before you make a purchase!

What Are Temporary Shelters?

If you’ve never heard of a portable or temporary shelter, the name pretty much sums it up. Portable buildings are temporary structures that provide heavy-duty protection and additional storage space for a wide range of needs. As an alternative to permanent wood or metal solutions, temporary shelters don’t require zoning permits. They also don’t need to adhere to local building codes, giving you additional storage options without many restrictions.

Portable shelters combine a sturdy steel frame with a durable fabric cover to give you an outdoor storage solution for your valuables and belongings. They can be easily moved and re-arranged to serve a variety of different purposes. Although portable shelters are temporary, they provide a long-term solution for all your storage needs.

Benefits of Portable Shelters

While there are many advantages to a portable building, some of the key benefits include:

1. Versatility

As mentioned earlier, portable shelters serve a variety of purposes. They are easy-to-use and spacious, offering a variety of different sizes based on your needs. Although some portable buildings are marked to be used to specific storage needs, most serve as multi-purpose structures for everything from equipment protection to livestock shelter. They aren’t just versatile in their variety of uses; they can be placed in nearly any location on your property.

2. Portability

While this may be an obvious benefit, it is still important to mention. It is one of the major advantages of portable buildings. Portable shelters are not only easy to move, but they are also easy to disassemble and reassemble. Whether you are moving, or have fulfilled your needs and want to repurpose, portable shelters are an investment that brings a great return.

3. Variety of Purposes

While we will dive further into the specific purposes most clients commonly use for their portable structures, let’s talk quickly about the main uses of portable shelters. Regardless of which style you choose, temporary shelters meet broad, specific, and unique storage needs. From our garages to our sheds and our relief tents, portable shelters can provide shelter for anything from firewood to your livestock animals.

4. Easy-to-Assemble

All of our shelters come with a pre-drilled frame that makes assembly simple. Compared to a permanent structure, you don’t need to hire a construction crew and incur hefty expenses to get your building installed. Our shelters involved minimal tools and can be installed with a couple of people in a couple of hours. The materials are easy to handle and assembly doesn’t require ground excavation or building permits. All you need is a flat, level surface and a few extra hands to help and you’ll have your portable shelter up and ready to protect your most valuable assets in no time.

5. Low Maintenance

While assembly is easy, low maintenance makes them an even better option. Once your temporary structure is set up, maintenance and upkeep are simple. While you should practice regular maintenance checks, your portable shelter is made to withstand the weather across multiple seasons. As long as the proper assembly is performed, your structure is made to maintain its quality. If your structure is set up in areas that face particularly damaging weather conditions, you can talk to your dealer about additional anchoring options.

6. Affordable

While permanent structures are a large, long-term investment, portable shelters provide the same protection at a more affordable rate. As mentioned, there is no need for construction services, zoning permits, or other building requirements. This greatly reduces the costs incurred for your storage solution. With minimal maintenance, you can get the protection you need without hidden costs. Plus, the overall ticket price of a portable shelter is far less expensive and you won’t have to sacrifice quality and durability. Portable shelters are great for residential and commercial use and are sure to give you your money’s worth.

Portable Shelter Common Uses

Over the years, portable shelters have grown in their popularity. As a result, clients have reported a variety of different portable shelter uses for these innovative storage solutions. With their endless benefits and variety of purposes, it is no surprise that portable shelters are the hottest outdoor storage solution for both commercial and residential owners.

1. Ideal Solution for Vehicle Protection

One of the most popular uses for our shelters is as a portable garage to house your vehicles. For clients who don’t have a permanent garage structure, or who have more vehicles than their permanent garage can accommodate, the portable garage is the perfect solution. Our portable garages protect all types and sizes of vehicles from any weather condition. They reduce the chance of your vehicle being damaged by the great outdoors. From motorcycles and ATVs to SUVs and campers, portable garages come in a variety of sizes to protect your expensive assets. They don’t just protect your vehicles from the damaging effects of the outdoors, they extend the life of your vehicles and help you maintain them in an easy and affordable way.

2. Provide Shelter for Outdoor Events

Portable buildings serve as a great resource for those holding any type of outdoor event. From sleek party tents to effective relief shelters, our portable coverage gives you options that are both durable and well-designed. Portable buildings make holding outdoor events easier because they offer peace of mind should the weather take a turn for the worse. Our party tents are used for birthday parties, wedding receptions, graduations, and just about any outdoor activity. They ensure your guests are protected from all the elements without sacrificing the look you want for your party.

In addition to outdoor protection for fun events, portable buildings can serve as relief tents. Relief tents are versatile, durable, and affordable. They can be easily constructed to serve as temporary trauma responses, provide shelter during natural disasters, and be used as temporary clinics as needed. Whatever your outdoor event may be, portable shelters can provide the protection you need when you need it.

3. Shelter and Protection for Outdoor Animals

While you may want to bring in all your outdoor animals when the weather is a challenge, outdoor animals weren’t made for the average home. That doesn’t mean they can’t be protected, especially when the heat of summer and the cold of winter leave them at risk for illness, injury, and even death. Many portable shelter clients purchase our buildings for use as livestock shelters. This allows them to provide protection to their outdoor animals from heavy rain, heat, wind, snow, and any other damaging elements that put them at risk. Believe it or not, even large animals like horses can get heatstroke and frostbite.

Livestock shelters are a suitable, effective option to shelter your smallest or largest outdoor animals. With a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, you can protect a few small pigs or sheep or a large herd of cows or horses. The galvanized steel frames ensure that your livestock is covered by durable, dependable protection all year long.

4. Cultivate Your Crops and Plants with Portable Greenhouses

One of the more recently popular uses for portable shelters is as a portable greenhouse. From hobbyists to commercial farmers, portable greenhouses provide the housing you need to encourage better growth for your plants and crops all year. Our portable greenhouses can turn your collection of plants into a beautifully-housed garden. Whether gardening is your hobby or cultivating plants and crops is financially supports your household, portable greenhouses ensure your plants won’t get damaged in any way.

Portable greenhouses provide protection from direct sunlight and damaging frost. Our greenhouses are made from high-quality translucent fabric that helps you regulate the amount of light that hits your crops. With a variety of options, you can house a small garden, create extra storage space for gardening and barn materials, or run your own indoor commercial farm.

5. Protection for Commercial Equipment and Shelter for Employees

Our portable buildings are often used to protect commercial equipment for outdoor businesses like construction companies. The larger structures are spacious and durable, allowing you to fit even the largest commercial vehicles. Portable buildings have long served construction companies to protect their valuable equipment when they are away from the job site. They can also be used to provide shelter to employees from the sun or cold, often boosting the morale on the job site. Since a lot of money and hard work goes into these jobs, portable buildings are the perfect resource to protect your valuables and valued workers while you get the job done!

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