Portable Buildings

Adaptable and Useful Portable Buildings

Whether you are looking for a little extra space, or need a large storage space for your vehicles, MDM Shelters delivers with our portable buildings. Our outdoor portable buildings come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. And, we’re proud to deliver options that stay within your budget.

Need a space for your landscaping tools when winter hits? How about an outdoor storage space for your RVs, ATVs, and motorcycles? Our portable buildings are durable, versatile, and practical.

The Dependable, Durable Outdoor Storage Solution

We use the strongest fabric to deliver cost-effective, long-lasting outdoor storage buildings for your needs. Our products constructed from the best materials, and manufactured to withstand the harshest weather. Keep your belongings safe, organized, and protected with portable storage you can trust.

Our covers are made from heavy-duty, waterproof, UV protected material. We use the sturdiest metals to deliver easy-to-assemble frames that can be set up in just a couple hours. Once your portable building is assembled and secured, you can enjoy year-round outdoor storage that is backed by safety.

Protect Your Vehicles and More with Affordable Portable Buildings

Don’t worry about impacting the longevity of your vehicles by leaving them out in the cold or heat. Our portable buildings can be used to protect vehicles of all types and sizes. The versatility of these buildings give them a wide array of uses.

From vehicle protection to added storage, our customers take full advantage of our products. Need a place to enjoy your hobby or an extra workspace to get that project finished? Our buildings come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to meet your needs. They are affordable and efficient and cover all our customers’ needs.

Maximum Storage Space and Quality Parts

Other storage solutions cut costs by cutting storage space. Our portable buildings are not only affordable; they max out your storage space. The galvanized steel frame is built to withstand the heaviest winds, and our durable covers can handle heavy loads of snow. Protect your valuables, give your employees shelter from the storm, or stow away that winter snow removal equipment. MDM Shelters gives you the best outdoor portable storage solution for all your needs.

All Our Products Come with Options to Accessorize

What product isn’t complete with a few accessories? From door kits to ventilation and patches, we’ve got you covered in case something does go wrong! Our vent kits reduce moisture and humidity, while our door kits make access that much easier. Extend the life of your building with replacement covers once your building has sat through a few years of the changing seasons.

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