Steel Buildings vs. Tension Fabric Buildings

MDM products are specialists in manufacturing high quality tension fabric buildings that can be used for a variety of purposes from portable garages to temporary emergency shelters to additional job site work canopies. Our customers often end up asking us about the difference between steel buildings and our top of the line rip-stop polyethylene shelters. And here’s what are our answer is.

Fabric building benefits when compared with Metal

Natural Environment
Our products allow natural light to pass through which creates a bright and sunny feeling which in turn reduces energy demands. The natural light coupled with year round temperature moderation inside a MDM products building results in a much better environment as compared to a metal building.       

Low Maintenance
Rust is part and parcel of a metal building. There is a constant threat of rust formation on the walls and roof of a metal building and one needs to regularly pay attention to prevent such an occurrence and destroying a building.

Peaceful Atmosphere
A great deal of noise can be caused due to rain or hail and can result in a very unpleasant work environment. A building made of fabric has natural   sound dampening properties which cut out the noise and make the place peaceful.

Year-Round Use
The natural light that passes in a fabric building keeps the temperature warmer by 10-15 degrees in winter. The added advantage being that it also provides sufficient shade to keep the surroundings cooler in the summer months.

No Approval Needed
Some steel buildings, the size of MDM’s are required to be pre-engineered as they are permanent structures. But, when it comes to a fabric building such pre-engineering is not necessary, your town might be different however. For these and many other reasons, we recommend the use of our privately branded shelters instead of ANY other custom designed and manufactured steel building that you can afford.

Thanks for considering MDM Shelters for all of your canopy covered needs!

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