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Salt and Sand Storage Shelters by MDM Products

Salt and Sand Storage Shelters

The primary responsibility, when it comes to storing salt and sand, is to keep as much water and moisture out of your storage building as possible.

This is so important because when water comes into contact with the contents of your salt mound, that salt degrades and dissolves. Furthermore, it does not take long for water to tunnel down from the top layer to the underlying layers ruining your entire salt pile. Obviously one has little use for highly diluted and adulterated salt.

When sand gets damp and soggy it tends to clump together, making it more difficult to sift through your pile to get the precise amount your customers want. It also makes the sand more difficult to transport because it becomes much heavier and its weight becomes unevenly distributed, placing a disproportionate burden on parts of your transport carrier.

You have no need to worry about these unfortunate scenarios. MDM Shelters is a portable salt storage building authority. MDM has specially designed all of its salt and sand storage shelters with a ratchet down cover that always ensures a skin-tight seal. This means no water or moisture will invade your salt and sand products. That is, as long as you close up your storage facility properly, as MDM clearly outlines in its self-authored manuals.

The other great feature about MDM's salt and sand storage buildings is that they have a wide opening in the front. This makes for quick and easy access. When that snow storm shows up unpredicted, no one wants to have to go back and forth to their storage facilities while the blizzard pummels them. People want to make one effortless trip to pick up all of the sand and salt they are going to need to do their job effectively, to make roads, stairs, and walkways safer for car and foot traffic. We know the longer they take, the greater the chance that someone is injured.

Sand and salt storage buildings do not just serve the snow plowers, grounds keepers, and landlords however. They serve the parents of children who want to play in their own sandbox year-round and never have enough sand. They serve the crafty home owner who wants to maintain a man-made island oasis theme on their property and needs to store fresh sand. They serve the beach resort owner who needs to maintain this finest sand in the area.

All of MDM salt and sand shelters are portable. This is great because if you have to move, you can keep your quality storage building all to yourselves! In addition, MDM's canvas material, which makes up the main cover and door of your storage facility, are made from Long-Life UV Resistant and Fire Retardant Polyethylene.

This ensures that your sand and salt storage building endures through season after season without complications or expensive repairs.

MDM Shelter's philosophy is simple: Manufacture high-quality long-lasting products so that the customer is always satisfied and does not have to come back for repairs. This is in contrast to many of our competitors, who churn out sub-par structures and portable buildings in the hope that they can squeeze extra money out of you over the years to replace parts that should never have broken in the first place. MDM is around 7 days a week. Call us!

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