Portable Buildings

Portable Buildings

Rhino Shelter is the industry leader in the portable buildings and shelters industry. We only use the highest quality build materials on each shed, garage or commercial size shelter that includes galvanized steel frames and industry leading heavy-duty shelter fabrics. Shop our selection for all ranges of sizes whether you need a bicycle storage shed or an industrial size trussed building we have you covered.

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65'W x 49'L x 18'H (CALL TO ORDER)
To order, please call 1-800-447-7079 and speak to a service professional. The 65'Wx49'Lx26'H Big ..
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40'W x 60'L x 18'H - Round
The 40'Wx60'Lx18'H Big Bear Buildings Domed Truss guarantees excellent structural integrity, thanks ..
30'W x 65'L x 15'H - Round
The 30'Wx65'Lx15'H Big Bear Buildings Commercial Round is ideal for industrial and commercial use. B..
30'W x 40'L x 15'H - Round
The 30'Wx40'Lx15'H Big Bear Buildings Commercial Round is ideal for industrial and commercial use. B..
30'W x 30'L x 15'H - Round
The Three Car Round Shelter which measures 30’W*30’L*15’H can accommodate multiple vehicles with eas..
8'W x 8'L x 8'H - Shed
The 8'Wx8'Lx8'H is Large enough to accommodate an outdoor workshop or be used for storage, thanks to..
5'W x 10'L x 8'H - Shed
The 5'Wx10'Lx8'H shed is the ideal solution for your outdoor motorcycle and bicycle storage needs. T..
14'W x 42'L x 15'H - Peak
The 14'Wx42'Lx15'H RV/Boat House-style shelter is ideal for protecting large vehicles, such as motor..
14'W x 36'L x 15'H - Round
The RV/Boat shelter which measures 14’W*36*L*15’H is ideal for protecting large vehicles, such as mo..
22'W x 24'L x 12'H - Peak
The 22'Wx24'Lx12'H Two Car Peak easily accommodates two regular-sized vehicles. The massive width en..
14'W x 30'L x 12'H - Round
The 14'Wx30'Lx12'H Utility Round provides superior height clearance & is perfect for pickup..
12'W  x 28'L x 12'H - Barn
A 12' high Barn shelter is an effective portable garage solution to store boats or RV's that require..
14'W x 24'L x 10'H - Round
The 14'Wx24'Lx10'H Boat Round garage provides excellent storage space, while the round-style roof pr..
12'W x 24'L x 8'H - Round
The Extended One Car Round style is a longer version of the popular One Car Round. Offering the same..
12'W  x 20'L x 12'H - Barn
A 12' high Barn shelter unit is an effective solution to store anything that requires a lot of heigh..

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