Cable Anchors : MDM's Cable Earth Anchors

Earth AnchorWe at Rhino Shelter are specialists in manufacturing high quality tension fabric buildings that have seemingly varied applications ranging from portable garages to temporary emergency shelters to additional job site work canopies.

The Cable Earth Anchors are made in such a way that they save time and make the task of securing a portable shelter to the ground an easy one. You just need to drive them into the ground and it’ll work like a toggle to bolt into the soil.

Earth Cable Anchors doesn’t need pre-drilled holes or concrete which makes it an environmentally safe and viable alternative as compared to the standard anchors. The head of the Cable Earth Anchor once driven into the ground then one needs only to pull upward on the cable to create tension on the head which then rotates it into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in the undisturbed soil. This results in a superb holding capacity.

Cable Earth Anchors provide the most efficient, lightweight and money saving solutions to any anchoring application whether large or small.

Proper Installation of Cable Anchors:

A hammer and a thirty six inch drive rod is used to drive the Cable Earth Anchors into the soil. As you drive the anchor, it compacts the soil around the anchor head. A drive rod is also provided by Rhino Shelter for your convenience.

Wrap the wire rope around the drive rod or insert rod through the loop in wire rope. Once this is done, pull upward the wire rope to a distance that is slightly longer than the length of the anchor body to safely set the anchor in normal soil. The upward pull on the wire rope helps in rotating the anchor in a perpendicular anchor locking position in the undisturbed soil. 

Rhino Shelter Earth AnchorEnd Arch w/ Foot

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