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Temporary shelters are a great investment to protect your most valuable belongings. Motorcycles, trucks, SUVS, and cars are expensive and should be properly protected from the harsh elements of outdoor weather. If you have the space to support a temporary shelter, this may be the best option for you to protect your investment. Although these cost-effective storage solutions are durable and dependable, they can experience problems over time.


Strong winds, heavy snow, severe storms, and normal wear and tear can lead to common problems for your temporary shelters. The good news is there are usually easy fixes available for the most common temporary shelter issues. Let’s take a look at the most common temporary shelter issues and how you can fix them.


Most Common Temporary Shelter Issues

The two most common issues that temporary shelter clients face are loose canopies and buckled or bent supports. Although dealing with any issues can be frustrating, there are easy solutions to both of these. Let’s take a look at each:


Loose Canopy Issues

When a canopy comes loose with temporary shelter, it can be due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of loose canopies occurs when the portable shelter was originally set up haphazardly. Frequent construction and deconstruction of temporary shelters can lead to the improper installation of your canopy. Additionally, changes in the seasons and stormy weather can cause your cover to come loose.


The best way to handle loose canopies is to fix them before they cause more problems. Use a spreader bar to properly and carefully spread the loose cover. A spreader bar can be easily obtained by calling your portable shelter dealer. Follow the instructions exactly as directed to avoid issues with spreading the cover. Once your cover has been properly fitted to the frame, be sure all straps and buckles are secured tightly and properly to avoid further issues.


Buckled or Bent Supports

Although portable shelters are built tough and can withstand the harsh elements of winter, you may occasionally come across buckled or bent supports. This problem is more common during the winter months, especially if heavy snow loads accumulate. The best way to prevent these issues is to remove snow as it accumulates or as quickly as you can. This will help prevent stress on your structure.


If your support beams have already bent or buckled, have them replaced before further damage hits your structure. Failure to do so can cause you to lose your structure altogether or lead to damage to your store items or vehicles.

Despite the fact that issues might arise when it comes to your portable shelter, they are an effective and affordable means of outdoor protection for your most expensive investments. If you have the space on your property for portable buildings, a temporary shelter will be of great benefit to your entire residence or commercial property.

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RV camper protection is an important thing to consider if you are an avid camper. There’s no question that camper vehicles are an expensive investment. Therefore, you also need to consider how you will maintain and protect your investment. If camping is your idea of summer fun, you need to make sure you have a proper means to store your vehicle when the winter months roll around.


While you don’t want to think about stowing away your RV just yet, you need to be properly prepared to protect your investment when you store it away for the winter season. As the colder weather rolls in, it’s time to consider RV camper protection to maintain the longevity of your investment. A portable shelter is the perfect option for your storage needs this winter. If you have an RV, read on to find out how to choose the right solution for your RV camper protection needs.


Choose the Right RV Camper Protection

It is important to choose the right shelter for all your needs. You need to pick an option that fits properly on your property while handling the size of your RV. Shelters come in different sizes and designs, so there is an option that can suit any type of camper. Whether you have a large vehicle or a small camper, you can find a shelter that will properly protect your investment. Portable shelters can provide RV camper protection while also giving you additional storage if you have the room for a larger building. Be sure to look through all your options before you make a decision on which shelter works best for you.


Don’t Worry About Assembly

One of the best things about portable shelters is that they are made of high-quality material that is strong and sturdy, yet they are easy to assemble. They can withstand the harshest of weather to provide you with the best RV camper protection. The frames are pre-drilled and designed for easy assembly. This means most people can assemble their building on their own without spending extra money to hire a professional for assembly. Assembly can usually be done with just two people and completed in a couple of hours.


Pick Your Style

Portable shelters also come in a variety of styles. This means you can pick an option that gives you the most storage for your space. Peak style, round style, and truss building style are the most popular styles available. Each option fits specific customer needs. For example, the round buildings are great for areas that get heavy snow and rain because they will run off the cover. This design will help bring you RV camper protection from moisture while you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of snow weighing down your roof.


Quality Materials

The best portable shelters are made from heavy-duty, quality materials that can handle all the elements of weather. At Rhino Shelters, for example, our covers are fire retardant, UV-resistant, and made of tough, durable material that won’t rip. If you own a camper, you should consider providing the best protection for your investment. Although portable shelters are an additional investment, they give you a return on your investment with a longer lifespan of your RV.

If you are an avid camper, your RV is an important part of your life. It’s where you go to make memories with your family and get time away from the business of life. Protect your investments with dependable RV camper protection with portable shelters that you can trust.

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Outdoor weddings have increased in popularity immensely over the past few years. And halfway into 2018, the trend doesn’t seem to be losing steam. One of the most popular uses for our party tents is to provide shelter for outdoor weddings. And, we see that option continue year round.

Outdoor weddings are a great option for your perfect once in a lifetime event. Dive into the top trends for 2018 weddings and see other great ideas for your 2018 wedding. Since we love helping make your big day a memorable one, we’re giving you a quick look into some of the hot wedding trends of this year. Happy planning!

Outdoor Wedding Trends to Finish Out 2018

We dug deep into the latest trends to give you the best styles and ideas to plan that perfect fall outdoor wedding just in time to end 2018. Here’s the latest and greatest themes for your perfect day.

Enchanted Forest

If you are looking for a fairytale wedding, the Enchanted Forest theme is perfect to give you that mystical charm. Think bold flowers, dark mossy colors, lighted candles, and greenery décor. Add a beautiful backdrop and your wedding with be the romance topic of the year.

Urban Vintage

The urban vintage theme didn’t just emerge this year. It’s been going strong for quite some time. This stylish combo mixes your favorite urban and vintage styles to create a romantic wedding of your dreams.

Secret Garden

Lots of little girls imagine their wedding in a mysterious garden filled with inviting décor and warm, feminine colors. Choose light pink, bounteous flowers. Add a touch of the garden in every area of your reception and you’ll have the perfecting pairing.

Rustic Barn

If you are more of a country girl, the barn and farm venues are certain to strike your fancy. They have been hot for years and don’t seem to be losing steam yet. Use warm brown tones as the color theme of your wedding. Choose rustic signs and wood-themed centerpieces to add another element of farm life.

Industrial Metallic

This trend is super hot and incorporates the ever popular rose gold color scheme. From fun signs to creative menus, you can incorporate acrylic and geometric accents throughout your entire wedding décor.

Modern Neutral Chic

Muted shades of blue, pink, and brown are a great fit for this trendy theme. Add in décor with a range of neutral hues and it’ll come together in a simple, yet elegant theme.

While some brides choose the completely open outdoor theme, others relish the sense of security that comes with decorating the perfect outdoor party tent. In most cases, it will not only protect you from the possibility of inclement weather, it’s a perfect accent to your carefully planned masterpiece that comes together to create your dream wedding day.

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Ultimate declutter guide can be a great help for keeping your portable storage clean. When you first look at clutter, it can be overwhelming. You may not know where to begin. Once you conquer your clutter, there are many benefits to overcoming it. Let’s get into the ultimate declutter guide for your portable shelter.

Why Should You Declutter?

There are many reasons why you should simplify your storage. Although everyone has their own preferences and lives their own way, decluttering to some degree can help most people. Here are some ways the ultimate declutter guide can benefit you:

  • Your life becomes less stressful. Clutter can serve as a visual distraction that causes stress in your life. It’s a constant reminder of things you need to do. You might want to ignore you bills, laundry, piled up junk, but clutter is a constant reminder of things you can’t ignore.
  •             Many people work better in an uncluttered home or workspace. Less distractions mean better focus.
  •             Uncluttered homes and workspaces are more peaceful and can help you relax.
  •             A decluttered home is more attractive if you are trying to sell your home. It is also more inviting when visitors arrive.
  •             Decluttering frees up space. Less clutter gives you more space to live, play, and work.

Ultimate Declutter Guide Steps

Here are some ultimate declutter guide strategies that can get you started.

  •            Set a timer. The first piece of advice in our ultimate declutter guide is to block off a specific amount of time for your project. This will reduce some of the overwhelming feelings you may have. It can also create a sense of urgency that helps you get down to business. Whether it’s one hour or six hours, stick to the timer and spend as much of that time as possible working on your project. Once you start to see a difference, it’ll give you the motivation to keep going.
  •            Create a starting point. Begin with one area of your space that is a no-clutter zone. Make a rule that nothing can be placed there until you organize and assign your belongings. Slowly expand this area until it covers a larger amount of space. Section things off to help organize.
  •            Another successful tip in our ultimate declutter guide is to set up four boxes to begin your project. Each box should be designated for a different purpose: one for trash, one for donations, one for storage, one for relocation.
  •            Clean out your closets! Closets are a major collector of clutter. When you begin to tackle your closet, you not only rid your house of excess clutter, you open up storage space for clean other areas of the house. Donate clothes you haven’t touched in six months. Organize the items you plan to keep.
  •            Just as with your indoor space, the ultimate declutter guide is a great resource for your portable shelter. Portable shelters can easily accumulate a great deal of items. Whether you use your portable shelter to store your vehicles or as added storage to your home, they should be cleaned regularly. If not, you can end up with a bigger project than you want to have to handle. Similar to indoor space, setting a timer, sectioning off items, and getting rid of bags immediately of items you wont be keeping is the best way and most successful way to handle this project.

These are just a few important steps you can take to declutter your space. When you follow our ultimate declutter guide, you’ll be on the fast track to making the most of your portable storage space. Living in a cleaner less cluttered space will lead to a happier more productive life.

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Galvanized steel is a durable, dependable form of steel that can be used for portable shelters. One of the most important components of portable shelters is the steel frame that holds them together. Different companies use different forms of metal to construct their shelters. At Rhino Shelters, we use the highest quality products to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment. Most manufacturers choose to use a less expensive option to make more profit on their shelters. Portable shelters made of galvanized steel can withstand the harsh elements of weather longer and better.


What is Galvanized Steel?


Galvanized steel is common in the metal industry. What makes galvanized steel better is that it has been coated with zinc to make it resistant to corrosion. Regular steel can rust if it is exposed to moisture. Galvanized can handle harsh weather conditions like rain and snow because it will not corrode when exposed to the moisture.


Stainless Steel and Other Metals


Stainless steel and aluminum are other metals that are commonly used. While these are both more expensive options, they are not often a good option for portable shelters. Stainless steel has physical characteristics that prevent it from being flexible. Portable shelters are built to be relocated easily. With stainless steel, it is not likely that you can safely disassemble and reassemble your shelter.


Galvanized steel is the best option for strength, portability, and durability. Because shelters are often used to protect items from the effects of weather, you need a shelter that will not corrode when exposed to moisture. Galvanized steel is not only strong and durable, it will not rust over time. This makes it the highest quality option for construction of portable shelters.


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Portable car shelter is a popular way to protect your expensive vehicles from the harmful effects of the outdoors. Many people elect to invest in a portable car shelter. This is an easy and effective way to protect your vehicle from the damage of bad weather. When you pick a portable car shelter, you should make sure you pick the perfect option for the vehicle you want to protect. These top tips can help you pick the right portable car shelter for your vehicle.


Choose Strength


While many people focus on portability when they make the choice of a car shelter, it is important to take other characteristics into account. Be sure the shelter you choose is build strong. Find a portable car shelter that is made of the toughest material. You want to be sure your shelter is properly secured and can stand the test of heavy winds, snow, and rain.


Keep Other Storage in Mind


You will likely store your vehicle for a season. Portable car shelters are a financial investment. Find a shelter that can fit multiple purposes. When your vehicle is not stored in your portable car shelter, you can use it to keep other items protected. For example, portable shelters are a great way to store winter equipment and tools.


Choose an Affordable Option


There are many different manufacturers who offer portable shelters. You want to find a shelter that is both strong and affordable. Sometimes the most expensive option is not the best choice. Shop around. Once you have gathered different pricing options, compare the shelters, the company, and the price. You will have options. Use them.


Pay Attention to the Size


Measure the dimensions of your vehicle. Assess your property to determine where you will erect your portable car shelter. Once you have measured both, you can talk to a portable shelter representative to choose the option that is best for you. Consider the need for space to move around. You get the most of your shelter when you pick a size that will work for you.


Accessorize Your Portable Car Shelter


Portable shelters have many accessories you can add to enhance your shelter. Consider what accessories your shelter offers. Anchor kits, moisture absorbers, and patch kits can come in handy to protect your investment.


A portable shelter can provide a great deal of protection for your vehicle. Talk to a portable shelter representative to help you pick the right shelter for your needs.


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Portable shelters are used in many ways. From storing vehicles to providing extra shelter for outdoor equipment, people are always finding new ways to utilize their portable shelters. As winter approaches, it can be a huge help when you have extra space on hand to store your winter tools. Although outdoor storage space is perfect for snowmobiles and snow blowers, many clients use their shelter to store firewood for the upcoming cold winter nights.

Tips to Store Firewood in Portable Shelter

You’ve worked hard to gather, split, and stack your firewood. Your family is excited for all the memories they are about to make as you all gather around the fireplace to keep warm during the holiday season. Now it’s time to protect your firewood after all your hard work. Once you have enough firewood to last you through the winter, these tips can help make sure you get through.

Find a Convenient Location

Store your firewood in a location that is convenient. Easy access to your firewood will be helpful when you want to keep that fire going. Keep in mind that logs left outdoors can attract insects. When you store logs next to your home, insects can collect on the wood and enter your home. When you store your firewood in a portable shelter, you will protect the wood from infestation.

Protect Your Firewood from Moisture

The best time to collect firewood for winter is in the spring. This will give you seasoned wood that is dried of moisture by the time winter months roll in. The heat and sun of the summer months can help to remove moisture from your firewood. Once you have gathered your firewood, you will want to store it in a place where it is protected from moisture. Portable shelters allow you to keep your firewood dry, so it will burn efficiently when you need it.

Elevate and Circulate

When stored directly on the ground, firewood can collect moisture and attract unwanted insects. Elevate your firewood to promote proper air circulation and avoid moisture build up. You will also deter pests and wood rot.

When you properly store your firewood, you will have easy access to quality wood without the pests. Portable shelters come in all shapes and sizes. They are the perfect option to ensure you will have long burning, low emission fires through the entire winter season.

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