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Relief tents can be a major asset when disaster strikes. They provide immediate, emergency shelter when you need it most. You never know when disaster will strike, that’s why relief tents are the perfect solution to provide safety when you need it. Because they can be quickly constructed and can be placed anywhere, they are the perfect solution when you need emergency shelter.


A temporary relief shelter should be easy-to-assemble and made from quality parts. In the most difficult times, you need to find a cost-effective solution you can count on. Relief tents come in different sizes that allow you to accommodate small to large groups of people. There are several circumstances that might put you in a position where you need a relief tent. Let’s look at some common uses of relief tents.


Relief Tent Uses as Field Hospitals

Field hospitals are large mobile medical units, or mini versions of hospitals, that can be constructed right at the scene of a major catastrophe. When people need emergency medical care, relief tents can be very effective in immediate treating patients who have fallen victim to serious injuries due to a major catastrophe. They can be a great way to prevent casualties and treat patients until they can be moved to a safer place.


Relief tents are commonly used as field hospitals in military situations or situations where disasters or mass casualties are reported. Having a relief tent that can be quickly assembled is important to reduce the number of deaths that may occur in an emergency like these. Medical equipment and personnel can be brought in to diffuse major medical situations and treat patients right at the scene of the disaster. Resuscitation and other critical medical activities require shelter to be performed safely and effectively. That’s why relief tents are a great resource for medical emergencies.


Portable Barracks

Another common military use for relief tents is portable barracks. There can be an increased need for these types of buildings in war times or for other large rescue missions. Soldiers and other military personnel can set up camp and have a comfortable place to rest until they have to set off on their mission again.


Portable barracks may also be needed to host refugees or hostages who have been rescued. They allow military personnel to safely house individuals until they can be brought safely home again. Besides comfort, relief tents provide safety features and protection which wouldn’t be possible with basic tents.


Tent Cities

Tent cities are temporary housing facilities for people who are homeless or lost their homes due to a disaster. Especially for a major catastrophe like hurricanes, fire, or other natural disasters, relief tents can help relieve emotional turmoil during these difficult situations.

Relief tents provide a safe, secure shelter to people during their most difficult times. They can temporarily protect those who have lost everything until they can be effectively re-located somewhere permanent. Relief tents provide a safe place to guard the vulnerable and their valuables so they can get back on their feet and find safety in their worst moments.

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Using your outdoor greenhouse to grow crops through the fall and winter is beneficial in many ways. Not only can you save money by walking right outside your door for fresh, hearty vegetables instead of shopping at a store, greenhouse cultivation that is consistent through the whole year saves you money in the long run. Preparing your greenhouse for fall and winter harvest is actually a great way to keep your soil at its peak fertility level. While your greenhouse provides your gardening with a frost-free climate all year long, there are some important steps you need to take to prepare for the cold weather.

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RV camper protection is an important thing to consider if you are an avid camper. There’s no question that camper vehicles are an expensive investment. Therefore, you also need to consider how you will maintain and protect your investment. If camping is your idea of summer fun, you need to make sure you have a proper means to store your vehicle when the winter months roll around.


While you don’t want to think about stowing away your RV just yet, you need to be properly prepared to protect your investment when you store it away for the winter season. As the colder weather rolls in, it’s time to consider RV camper protection to maintain the longevity of your investment. A portable shelter is the perfect option for your storage needs this winter. If you have an RV, read on to find out how to choose the right solution for your RV camper protection needs.


Choose the Right RV Camper Protection

It is important to choose the right shelter for all your needs. You need to pick an option that fits properly on your property while handling the size of your RV. Shelters come in different sizes and designs, so there is an option that can suit any type of camper. Whether you have a large vehicle or a small camper, you can find a shelter that will properly protect your investment. Portable shelters can provide RV camper protection while also giving you additional storage if you have the room for a larger building. Be sure to look through all your options before you make a decision on which shelter works best for you.


Don’t Worry About Assembly

One of the best things about portable shelters is that they are made of high-quality material that is strong and sturdy, yet they are easy to assemble. They can withstand the harshest of weather to provide you with the best RV camper protection. The frames are pre-drilled and designed for easy assembly. This means most people can assemble their building on their own without spending extra money to hire a professional for assembly. Assembly can usually be done with just two people and completed in a couple of hours.


Pick Your Style

Portable shelters also come in a variety of styles. This means you can pick an option that gives you the most storage for your space. Peak style, round style, and truss building style are the most popular styles available. Each option fits specific customer needs. For example, the round buildings are great for areas that get heavy snow and rain because they will run off the cover. This design will help bring you RV camper protection from moisture while you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of snow weighing down your roof.


Quality Materials

The best portable shelters are made from heavy-duty, quality materials that can handle all the elements of weather. At Rhino Shelters, for example, our covers are fire retardant, UV-resistant, and made of tough, durable material that won’t rip. If you own a camper, you should consider providing the best protection for your investment. Although portable shelters are an additional investment, they give you a return on your investment with a longer lifespan of your RV.

If you are an avid camper, your RV is an important part of your life. It’s where you go to make memories with your family and get time away from the business of life. Protect your investments with dependable RV camper protection with portable shelters that you can trust.

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Hurricanes, fires, and tropical storms are just some examples of natural disasters that could cause extreme devastation when they hit a residential area. Rescue and emergency management teams are set in place to jump in and help restore things to normal when the dust settles. While you might not even realize there are people employed to do these things, they are a great resource for homeless survivors of major catastrophes. Here’s how a portable relief tent can help your family when disaster strikes.


Where to Begin…


When a natural disaster wipes out homes, or even entire neighborhoods, residents usually don’t know where to begin. It’s overwhelming enough to lose everything, imagine trying to decide how to begin cleanup and start over? With building destroyed, houses in shambles, and debris everywhere, it’s hard to decide what to do first when it comes to cleanup and rebuilding. Portable relief shelters are made to do just that.


A portable relief tent is the first place to start when your area has been hit with devastation. In most cases, the American Red Cross or FEMA will step in and have portable shelters set up to help those in need. These portable buildings are durable and can be used for many different purposes.


Portable Relief Tent Uses


Emergency relief tents can be set up as a command centers for emergency personnel or those who arrive on scene to give aid. In the case of people being without homes, these shelters can provide immediate, temporary housing. Some emergency management teams set up food distribution centers to provide food to those in need. Emergency relief tents can also be set up quickly to provide immediate medical clinics for those who have been injured.


Portable relief shelters are built to withstand strong winds and rain. During an emergency, they can be erected for short-term or long-term use. The waterproof fabric increases the durability and provides a necessary and dependable shelter for those who need it. Portable electricity can be brought to the shelters, and you can have peace of mind knowing they our fabric is fire resistant. When the relief tent is no longer needed, they can be easily taken down and moved. These shelters are designed to be reassembled, so moving them frequently won’t cause a problem.


No one wants to imagine being caught in the middle of a natural disaster, but the fact is that they happen. You want to make sure you are protected when disaster strikes. Provide those you love or those who work for you shelter from the storm in the event of an emergency with dependable, trusted portable relief tents.


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There are multiple benefits to investing in your own portable greenhouse. For starters, you can garden all year long. Fresh vegetables and flowers will continue to flourish, even during the cold season, year after year. For avid gardeners, you can control sunlight exposure to your plants and protect them from wind, snow, rain, and other elements of the weather. Before you invest in a portable greenhouse, follow these steps to make the most out of your investment.

What to Consider

When investing in a portable greenhouse, there are a few things you need to consider before moving forward. Placement is an important part of your greenhouse’s success. There are a couple items to take into consideration when deciding where to place your greenhouse. Finding the right exposure to the sun is important. Many plants need continuous exposure to the sun, during the day, to thrive. In addition to sun, trees and buildings surrounding your greenhouse that can cast shadows should also be considered. After you have decided where to place your greenhouse, consider the ventilation. Having a well-ventilated greenhouse can reduce the risk of overheating when the hot sun beats on your structure. Eliminate the risk of having your plants wilt from unnecessary exposure to heat. Not only should you worry about overheating, but too much ventilation can let cold air in, causing your plants to endure the negative impact of frost. Finding the right means to ventilate your portable greenhouse is important to the success of what you are planning to grow inside.

Positive Impact

A portable greenhouse can have a lasting, positive effect on many aspects of your life. It is known that those who regularly garden tend to have less stress and be more fit. Being able to garden all year long can help maintain this healthy lifestyle. Not only is a portable greenhouse good for the mind, it is good for the body as well. Fresh grown vegetables have many positive effects on your health. And they ease the strain on your wallet. Growing your own vegetables is very cost effective when it comes to feeding your family.


With a portable greenhouse, you can garden all year long without having to worry about the effects of the weather on your plants and crops. Knowing how to maintain your greenhouse throughout the year is an important element of your success. Make the most of your time and money by following the steps mentioned above. 

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Most portable shelters are used year-round for various reasons. Because they are exposed to the elements of the outdoors, and often change their use as the seasons change, preparing your portable shelter for the upcoming season is an important part of your maintenance routine. With spring right around the corner, follow these steps to get your portable shelter ready for spring!

1.)    Add it to your spring cleaning list. We all get that gust of motivation when the weather changes and we can open the windows. Spring cleaning is a routine that most households perform annually as a family. This year, try adding your portable shelter to your spring cleaning list. Especially when they are used for storage, portable shelters often begin to be the collector of your unwanted items. While most people have great intentions to donate goods they are no longer using, most find them piled up for a great length of time in their outdoor storage. Check through your things in your portable shelter as spring rolls around the corner. We suggest separating them into three piles: keep, donate, trash. Ask yourself if you really need the item, or is it just taking up space? Not only will you feel good about your efforts, you will open space for your winter items to come in for the season.

2.)    Inspect your frame. The elements of winter can do a number on your portable structure. While some damage is obvious, small issues take time to find. Check for dents, rusted fittings, loose or bent elements of the frame, and tears and frays in your cover. Finding smaller issues when they first begin is one way to prevent expensive damage down the road. Invest in the repair parts and patch kits that you need to fix any problems, and you can rest your head knowing that your structure is safe for the next season.

3.)    Check your vehicles. Some portable shelters serve as an outdoor garage to house boats, motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs. Before you get your vehicle ready for the road, inspect it for any signs of mold or mildew. Look for cracks or damage to the frame of your vehicle. During the cold months, animals can find strange places to hide from the cold. Look for signs of animal issues in or around your vehicle. Finally, check any fluids, tires, or battery that your vehicle uses. Making sure you are road ready is an important safety step to follow.

4.)    Clean up the floor. For shelters that house vehicles, fluid can leak and cause a mess on the floor. If it is not cleaned regularly, it can become built up. When too much of this accumulates, you have a mess that is difficult to clean. Scrub and clean your floor as you transition into the spring.

5.)    Put away your winter stuff. With all this extra room, it’s time to organize your winter items. As you take things out for the spring, put away shovels, salt, and snow blowers in an organized fashion. Remember, prepare any equipment that will remain inactive in the right way to avoid unnecessary expense.


Since most portable shelters serve are used by owners year-round, prepping your shelter for change each season is a great way to keep maintain your shelter and extend its lifespan. 

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Portable or not, your garage is a quick and easy option to store just about anything. As time passes, many clients find themselves piling things up in their portable garage to make room in their house. Tools, decorations, winter clothes, all get piled in this outdoor space, out of sight and out of mind. Even dirt, leaves, and oil can accumulate in your portable garage, especially if you are using it to store outdoor equipment or vehicles. Here are some quick, simple tricks to clean your portable garage.

ü      Go through everything. Many times, items that are intended to be thrown out or donated end up somewhere else in storage in our house. Set aside a time to take everything out of your portable garage and get rid of what you don’t need. While you have it all out, take the opportunity to organize, sort, and box your items to make the most out of your space.

ü       Hose it down. Take the time to wash both the exterior and interior of your portable garage. Since you have everything cleared out to begin with, use a mixture of soap and water to clean off anything that seems particularly dirty. Pay strict attention to stubborn dirt and oil stains.

ü       Clean off your equipment. Whether you are using your garage to store boats, mowers, tractors, cars, or RVs, spend some time cleaning off your equipment. This will eliminate the risk of messing your garage with more dirt and oil before the day is even over.

ü        Organize. Place similar items near each other. Use bins that you can mark and label so you can access what you need in a quick and easy fashion. Try to eliminate clutter by getting rid of anything that might not seem important and prevents you from being able to organize properly.

ü        Inspect. Since most portable garages are exposed to extreme weather conditions, take some time while cleaning to inspect your shelter. Both the structure and canopy should be checked for tears, punctures, and fraying. During regular cleaning routines, finding an issue that can be easily patched will save you a great deal of time and money.


Setting aside time to clean your portable garage once every six months is a great way to eliminate clutter, prevent damage, and save time and money in the long run. 

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Portable buildings have grown in popularity as manufacturers continue to construct new products that give consumers the ability to purchase these movable structures for a variety of uses. From car ports and livestock shelters to party tents and greenhouses, portable shelters have emerged as a multi-use structure that can be moved. As their options increase, so do the advantages of these buildings.

Commercial Use

Many businesses are turning to portable buildings to benefit their employees. Construction workers use them as a shelter from heat or cold during the height of the winter and summer seasons. Businesses create an outdoor break setting to keep their employees sheltered from the weather. There are many aspects of portable buildings that have an advantage to different companies. Among the most popular advantages is the building’s ability to stand the harsh weather. The speed of construction is another advantage as these buildings can be erected in a timely fashion. Still another advantage is the quality of the material that is used to build these structures. As technology continues to advance, portable buildings are known to last for years. And serving as an additional storage solution is always an advantage to keep business owners from lugging material or equipment back and forth for safe keeping.

Residential Use

Portable buildings have also become popular for residential use. Obtaining permits and authorization to place them in your yard is not only easier, it is less expensive. Their rent to own option gives consumers the opportunity to opt out if something changes, leaving them with an advantage should they no longer be able to use the structure. And because they are portable, these buildings can go with owners if they move from their current location. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be customized to fit the needs of the consumer. They are easy to install and can be purchased for a variety of reasons.

With the rise in options available to the consumer, portable buildings continue to grow in their advantages offered upon purchase. To both the residential consumer and the commercial consumer, the ease of construction, flexibility, and variety of sizes and styles can accommodate many needs when it comes to a portable shelter.

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Planning the perfect wedding is at the top of every woman’s to-do list, when it comes to accomplishing their dreams. Since every woman is different, most weddings are a way to show off your unique style and give guests a touch of who you are. Some brides opt for spring weddings focused on colorful flowers, some choose fall weddings centered around beautiful foliage, and some choose summer weddings with sand between their toes. As a leading provider of party tents, we have seen many guests plan their winter themed weddings and execute them with perfection! If you are looking to plan a winter themed wedding, find out how you can incorporate all the joys of the season into the different aspects of your big day!

Colors. Choosing your color scheme is an important part of planning your wedding. While greens and red are usually popular colors during the winter season, opting for white, silver, and crystal can add a touch of class to your wedding. Adding touches of satin and crystal accents can add even more glamour to your big event. 

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Get in the holiday spirit this season as you plan a fun themed party this year. Whether you are planning a get together for your employees, family, or friends, these top trending themes are sure to make your party even better! Heated, outdoor party tents make a great set up to plan your perfect holiday party for 2016.

Santa’s Workshop. Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? Using the Santa’s Workshop theme is a great option for holiday parties. Decorate with homemade accents that are cheap and easy. For example, red ball ornaments with felt buckles, sled servers, stockings with sleigh bells, and more. There are a lot of do-it-yourself banners to add extra decorations to your party. Choose one that has a catchy, Santa-themed phrase like “Believe.” The color theme will obviously be red and white, but you can add accents of black to make those colors pop! Find a local children’s chorus to perform to add an extra holiday element and a great source of entertainment for your guests. You can use this theme to do good for others as well. Have those attending bring a toy to donate to children in need. 

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Planning a harvest wedding in the fall can be tricky. In fact, some brides skip this time of year all together when looking for wedding dates because of the unpredictable weather. But, having a fall themed, harvest wedding can bring some great perks to your big day!

The Price

Planning a wedding is an expensive journey as you venture into a blended life with your new partner. Since the fall tends to be considered “off season” when it comes to wedding planning, many venues and vendors will offer you a deal to increase their business during down time. Makeup artists, bakeries, caterers, and hair stylists may be willing to lower the price for their services during this slow time for their business. The key to finding out if this is possible is asking! Ask for a deal, the worst they can say is now!

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While we are bracing ourselves for what is predicted to be a cold winter, it is important to remember additional winterizing responsibilities that may slip our minds. Depending on the species, many cattle have specific requirements to keep them safe and comfortable during winter. Follow these steps to ensure the most effective winterization methods to keep your cattle safe.

Give Me Shelter

Shelter is on the priority list when it comes to prepping your cattle for winter. Not only does having a portable shelter for your cattle to reside increase their comfort, it decreasing your energy requirements and saves you money over time. Be sure to check your species requirements when it comes to setting up their winter space. Having sufficient space not only keeps from overcrowding, it reduces the risk of injury to your cattle from trampling. In a cattle shelter, good ventilation is an important factor in keeping your animals healthy. Additionally, it is important to keep your cattle’s living space clean.

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With hurricane season upon us, being prepared during the storm is essential to your safety and to the safety of your family. One of the biggest safety concerns when dealing with storms is keeping your vehicle safe from the elements and driving safely.

Prepare by Being Prepared

The best way to prepare for anything is to be proactive and be prepared. Continually check weather updates and news casts. Be ready to leave your house at any given moment if your area is ordered to evacuate. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with a full tank of gas and a bag of essentials. Make sure to pack an extra set of any medications you or your family members take on a daily basis. Don’t procrastinate. If you think your area is going to be evacuated, leave ahead of time to avoid being stuck in traffic during the storm. Make sure your home is equipped with hurricane kits. These should include important things such as fresh water, food, flashlights, pet supplies, and games to occupy your children.

If You Find Yourself on the Road

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Inevitably, unfortunate things happen in life. These events happen when people least expect them. In that regard, efforts have been to ensure that there are effective measures for dealing with these unfortunate occurrences. This is largely as a result of research and speculations regarding these unfortunate events. One of the most vital things to consider during emergencies is provision of shelter. Here are useful ideas that come in handy when putting up temporary shelter for emergency settlements.

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Greenhouses have been a part of almost every home that has a garden on them. If you have seen a lot of greenhouses around your neighborhood, you may have noticed that many of these structures are built permanently, meaning, they cannot be moved from the place where they have been built. But there exists an alternative to such structures. These ones are called portable greenhouses, and here are things you should know about portable versions.

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In many countries all over the world, natural disasters cannot be avoided. It is part of our lives and since these calamities are inevitable, in one way or the other, we will look for ways to protect ourselves and our family whether it rains or shines outside. But what if you have not prepared for it? Tendency is that you might lose even your shelter. The good thing is you can seek refuge from the existence of disaster relief tents. Whether you are working for a government institution or a non-profit organization, it pays to know the factors that will help you when choosing disaster relief tents for the benefit of the persons who will make use of them.

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You may not know it but a well-organized garage, whether portable or stationary, can provide you with a sense of comfort and well being. Unfortunately, most modern car owners treat their garage spaces as dumping sites for all unused house items, old toys and sometimes dirty laundry. You don’t have to go that way for pretty much obvious reasons – it is unhygienic and you can easily lose your valuables. So just how should you organize your portable garage? Read on to find out!

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Let's not deny it, a wedding can be extremely expensive. With ideas flying off the shelf about the wedding gown, the guest list, the cake, the rings and all the other items that make up a good wedding, you can have a whole lot of drama by the time the wedding day approaches. There is one thing though, that will cool off the drama; a great outdoor wedding setup!

Tents give off a more casual approach to a wedding, and are quite inviting to any kind of guest that will come for the wedding. However, before you start counting the number of expenses that come with an outdoor tent set up; here are a few ways which you can pull off an inexpensive, but exceptionally decorated tent and event for your wedding day.

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Your outdoor summer event plans may have all that is needed, but if you do not have a way to keep temperatures cooled down, then you will be in for a rude shock. When the day is oppressively hot, and the humidity is just off the charts, your event will be nothing but a complete disappointment.

However, there are a few tweaks and touch-ups that will save your day, and make the event worthwhile. Here are a few ways to cool off the temperatures in a tent under the scorching heat.

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Carports come in different shapes, designs and colors. It all boils down to how much one has set aside for his or her carport. Other factors like the space one has and the type of car that will be sheltered may also be taken into account. But amidst all these factors, there is always one carport option that is always overlooked and sometimes ignored completely – wooden carports. It is easy to understand why this happens.

First off, steel carports are more popular than wooden carports. Then there is the misconception that wooden carports are not as strong as steel carports. But like you are about to find out, there is much more into wooden carports than just the fact that they are aesthetically appealing. You may also be stunned to find out that the so-called wooden carports still fall under the category of steel carports as they feature steel parts. Read on to learn more.

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