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Rhino Shelter Dealer

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From growing your own herbs to farming, harvesting crops are both a beloved hobby and successful way to make a living. Regardless of how big your crops are, there are helpful equipment and methods to help make growing easy. Check out these great tips for greenhouse growing.


7 Tips for Greenhouse Growing Amateurs

Even if you are a professional agriculturist, switching to greenhouse growing is a different ball game. Check out these 7 tips for successful greenhouse growing to take your success to the next level.


1.          Remove only what you need from your crops.

One of the biggest problems new harvesters face is frustration with the rate of progress. One way to fix this is to take only what you need from your crops. For example, when growing cucumbers, why take the whole vegetable when you only need half? If it’s possible to cut off only what you need, do so! Use cling wrap to cover the remaining portion of the plant. Vegetables will stay fresh longer and your crops will grow more efficiently.


2.          Use bubble wrap to insulate your greenhouse.

Although your greenhouse will help protect your crops and plants, the harsh winter’s cold can still affect greenhouse growing. Since you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money on heating your greenhouse, bubble wrap can be a cost-effective option. Bubble wrap works especially well for insulating glass panes.


3.          Insulate plant containers during fall months.

Before the frigid months come around, try to insulate all your potted plants with bubble wrap. It just creates extra warmth for your plants and crops and further supports your greenhouse growing. Terra cotta pots should especially be insulated.


4.          Stay away from local garden centers.

Greenhouse growing can be as costly or cost-effective as you want, depending on what type of accessories and supplies you use. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using local garden centers to grab supplies. The supplies and products here are usually marked up quite a bit more than office supply stores or major retail stores, like Walmart and Target. You can even grab your greenhouse growing supplies from online stores, such as Amazon.


5.          Hang up your bananas to help ripen your tomatoes.

Tomatoes are probably the crop that takes the longest to grow. They often frustrate people with greenhouse growing. Bananas can speed up the process by releasing ethylene. The gas helps ripen tomatoes faster. This is a great DIY tip from some of our professionals.


6.          Talk to an expert to help position your greenhouse.

If you are struggling with greenhouse growing, you might want to move your greenhouse to a better position. Most greenhouses benefit from at least three hours of direct sunlight per day. Any longer may cause temperatures to rise and can damage plants by taking away from proper ventilation. If you need advice, ask a professional about positioning.


7.          Choose the right size for your needs.

One of the greatest things about greenhouse growing is that there are so many sizes to choose from for your portable greenhouse. Start off small or go right to the big options. Whatever your needs, you have options when it comes to greenhouse growing.


Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a professional agriculturist, greenhouse growing with our portable shelters will help improve your plants and crops.


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Garage alternatives are limited, especially when you begin to consider construction fees and location options. The good news is that there are some options available for perfect garage alternatives. Metal carports are one of the best solutions if you are looking for garage alternatives. They are not only cost effective, but they also take less construction time and are viable solutions.


5 Reasons Why Carports Make Great Garage Alternatives

If you need a place to store your vehicle or are looking for additional shelter from the storm, check out these five reasons metal carports are the best garage alternatives. 

#1. Carports Do Not Require Planning Permission
Even though there are many different types of carports, they all have the same advantage over permanent garage structures. There is no planning permission required to construct a metal carport. One of the main reasons metal carports are used as garage alternatives is that they don’t require the hassle and expense of applying for a building permit for homeowners. Since many homeowners can’t get permission for constructing a permanent garage on their property, metal carports are the perfect solution.

#2. Carports Offer Protection from The Sun

While some people don’t see a need for a garage, one of the major advantages of having outdoor protection for your vehicle is to maintain the life of your vehicle. While carports might not offer the same level of security as wood, metal, brick, or concrete garages, they can still protect your vehicle from potential sun damage. Direct sunlight can dry out exterior rubber on your vehicles, like your tires, windshield wipers, and door seals. When rubber starts to crack or peel, it can lead to unnecessary expenses when it comes to your vehicle. Carports are great garage alternatives that can protect your vehicle from the sun.

#3. Carports Will Protect Cars From Rain Damage
High quality carports can help you avoid damage to your vehicle due to rain. While portable shelters with fabric might not be the best solution for your vehicle protection, metal carports are durable enough to protect your vehicle from rain damage. Hail, in particular, can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle. Metal carports are a great solution to provide your car outdoor protection without worrying about constructing a permanent garage.

#4. Carports Offer Protection Against Snow
Snow can have a devastating impact on cars. It can melt into gaps around the vehicle’s bodywork and then expand as it re-freezes, causing parts and components to be forced apart. In addition, some drivers do damage when they scrape ice and snow off their windshield of the body of their car. Metal carports are the perfect garage alternatives to protect your vehicle from snow. They are strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads and protect your car from the damaging effects of winter.

#5. Carports Have Comparable Maintenance Requirements to Garages

While carports are a fraction of the cost of regular garages, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. When you properly maintain your carport, they will last you for years to come. And, as normal wear and tear catches up with them, there are affordable solutions to help you avoid buying a whole new structure. Carports are cheaper to build and have very little maintenance requirements to increase their life span.

Whether you are looking for a semi-permanent carport or a moveable instant garage, our outdoor solutions provide excellent sources of garage alternatives. If you’re looking for a garage alternative that meets all your needs, give us a call to discuss your options.  

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Party tents are a great way to throw that Fourth of July bash without having to worry you’ll be rained out! Call up your friends and plan your party, because nothing is going to stop you with these great party tent options. Grab your favorite foods, your favorite drinks, and plan out the theme for a Fourth of July bash that everyone is certain to remember.


In addition to our amazing party tents, here are some exciting options to bring more to your next outdoor party.


Party Tent Types for Your Fourth of July Bash

These party tents will definitely be a highlight of your next party.


1.          The Tipi Tent

These are a trendy option that replicates the original tipis used by the tribes of the Great Plains. While original tipis used wooden poles covered with animal skin, the Tipi Tent is made from galvanized steel and durable rip-stop fabric. This is a great addition to any birthday party or holiday bash you’re throwing. The tent is designed to function just like the original tipis used in the good old days.


2.         The Lodge Tent

If a tipi isn’t your thing, the lodge tent is another great option that will work for smaller crowds. They resemble the classic lodge style tent from hundreds of years ago. The time-tested design is made to withstand harsh weather. Although the tent looks retro, it’s coming back as a trendy option for your next party. The water-resistant, polyester shell is strong and will keep you dry during the strongest downpours.


3.          The I-gloobox

This tent lives up to its name and will definitely be a topic of conversation at your next party. It resembles an igloo but isn’t made of ice. Instead, it is constructed of large grey panels. While it was originally made to keep homeless people from looking out of place, it is a great addition to any party. You can even use it for camping.


4.          The VW Camper Van Tent

Nothing will bring more laughs than throwing up a classic VW camper van to keep your guests safe at your next party. The tent fully resembles a van and is sure to grab all your guests’ attention.


5.          American Flag Tent

The American Flag tent is definitely a great option for your Fourth of July bash! Classic businesses like Urban Outfitters carry these themed tents. Nothing screams Fourth of July more than this classic All-American tent.


6.          Classic Party Tents

Whether you’re looking for a decorative option or a practical option, you should always use a classic party tent if you’re planning an outdoor party. This will protect your guests no matter what the weather is. Rain, snow, or sun, you can be sure your party won’t be canceled regardless of what the weather brings. Party tents offer the perfect centralized location for food, music, drinks, or just an area to hang out.


If you’re planning a Fourth of July Bash this year, be sure you check party tent off the list of supplies. You can be sure that all your guests will enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment while you spend quality time with each other. For more information on our party tents, talk to one of our sales representatives!


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Some of the most futuristic tents available were actually born of necessity. The needs of the armed forces and rescue workers prompt designers to create ever-more complex tents. Some of these are jumped on by the consumer market and prove wildly popular. Here are six futuristic tents that will leave you hankering for more. 

#1. JakPak Jacket

This breathtakingly original take on the humble tent combines a jacket, sleeping bag and tent in one. Available from jakpak.com, this tent resembles a sturdy, waterproof jacket. Clever use of zips and fold out panels means that the jacket can turn into a sleeping bag in a few moments. The hood can be raised up to form a tent. This is perfect for campers, hikers or anyone looking for easy portability. 

#2. Outsunny Portable Popup Tent


Available from Amazon, this tent offers a highly comfortable cot with a tent top, perfect for one person. This is highly appealing for campers who don’t like sleeping on the ground. This cot has fold-up legs that raise the sleeper well away from insects and moisture. 

#3. Tentsile Stingray Tent

If you want a futuristic tent, it doesn’t get better than this. The Tentsile Stingray Tent is available from tentsile.com and resembles a UFO. It is designed to be suspended between trees with heavy-duty rope and accessed via a rope ladder. When suspended, this tent has the appearance of a ghostly floating object, particularly at night if the tent’s occupants have lights on inside. Campers love how secure and private this tent makes them feel. 

#4. The i-gloobox

This tent was invented by Bulgarian designer Georgi Djonarski as a way to help homeless people stay warm. Its name come its appearance as it looks like a grey igloo with pockets made out of waterproof fabric. Helpfully, the tent folds up so that it can be wheeled around. Looking like something out of a science fiction movie, this pod-like tent is one of the most futuristic-looking tents you’ll ever see. 

#5. Moby-1 XTR Expedition Trailer

For campers with cash to splash, this trailer tent must be towed behind a vehicle to the destination. It resembles a teardrop shape when it is unfurled from the back of the trailer. Although the camper trailer looks very retro, this tent actually features solar panels, making it one of the most futuristic trailers on our list. 

#6. UN Relief Tent

Designed with cooperation from the UN, this tent houses up to forty people and is obviously designed for disaster relieve efforts. While the tent does not look futuristic on the outside, the materials used and the assembly requirements make it one of the most forward thinking tents on our list. Unlike other tent designs, this tent requires minimal effort and its design eliminates the need for tools. The use of CPAI-84 rated PVC fabric makes this the most water-resistant tent on this list besides being fire retardant and UV resistant.


Any of these six tents will leave you hankering for more. What’s the most futuristic tent you’ve ever seen? Leave us a comment below!

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If you are the proud owner of a beautiful dog or adorable cat and you haven’t bought them their own tent yet, they are missing out. Pet tents are the ultimate in relaxation for tired pets and allow any owner to go camping with their pet. Of course, you wouldn’t expect your pet to sleep in a tent regularly but pet tents can be just the thing for de-stressing pets, especially when camping, travelling or out and about. The idea behind pet tents is to give a small animal a portable chill out space, especially on camping trips. Pets warmly welcome the opportunity to take a rest, seek respite from the cold or simply have a nap. Here are six awesome tents available to buy right now. 

#1. Petego Umbra Portable Dog Popup Tent

A video of this pet tent for dogs is available on YouTube so you can see for yourself just how cute this product is. According to TheDogOutdoors.com, this tent can be transported everywhere the dog goes. The Petego Umbra tent looks like a large umbrella and folds up into a small duffle bag for great portability. The tent has durable, claw-proof and waterproof material, perfect for little paws. This tent is known as the UPet and is widely available from leading retailers. 

#2. Kyjen Outward Hound Shade Shelter

This tent is a great way to accommodate large dogs while camping. Like the Petego Umbra tent, this shelter is extremely compact when folded up and is stowed in its own duffle bag. It is just as easy to transport as the rest of your camping gear. This dog shade shelter is 3-feet in height and four-feet square at the base making it large enough to accommodate most dogs. It comes with zipper enclosures and mesh sides, helping your dog to stay cool at any time of the year. 

#3. Shady Dog Shade Screen

This isn’t a tent but is made from tent-like material. You can string it up between trees or posts to provide shade for your dog. Large dogs will appreciate this shade as the other tents in this list may make them feel claustrophobic. Most people will buy this screen to fix permanently over a dog kennel to offer respite from the sun and rain. However, this shade is perfect for camping and most dogs will happily sleep underneath this large screen. 

#4. Pet Gear Octagon Pet Pen

The Octagon pet pen is by far the most unusual item on this list. As the name suggests, it is octagonal and makes a great place for pets to nap or sleep in. This pen has vented sides and the top can be covered or uncovered. This pen gives any dog plenty of ventilation and will also offer protection from the elements when required. Small pets up to 30 pounds will love this. 

#5. Portable Dog Kennel

The dog tents mentioned on this lists are all strong and durable but are only intended for occasional use. If you plan to go camping for over a month or have multiple pet dogs to accommodation, you may need a durable protective enclosure instead. Enclosures are easy to assemble and made from galvanized steel frames for the ultimate in durability. They have wire mesh walls and a rip stop fabric roof that will give protection against the hottest sun and the heaviest rain and hailstorms. If you are serious about camping and have several dogs, this is the tent you’ll need. 


As we’ve seen, it is important to match the tent with the size of the dog and the duration of the trip. It is also important to consider the dog’s sleeping preferences. Dogs that sleep at home would prefer a Petego enclosure-style tent while dogs used to sleeping out in the yard could probably make do with the Shady Dog Shade Screen. What do you think of our list? What’s your favorite dog tent? Leave us a comment below!

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If you are looking for romantic places to get down on bended knee and pop the question in Connecticut, we have seven ideas for you. Here are the seven most beautiful settings to make a proposal. Which one will you choose? 

#1. Bushnell Park

Located at 100 Wells St. in Hartford, CT, Bushnell Park will give you an epically beautiful backdrop to propose. This park offers stunning arches that will make you think you are in a fairytale and features a Coining Fountain where you can make a wish that your dreams will come true. If you want stunning scenery to mark the event, it doesn’t get better than Bushnell park. 

#2. West Hartford Center

There are plenty of beautiful, romantic places in the center of West Hartford, perfect for popping the question. Max Oyster bar just off South Main Street would make the perfect venue for a celebratory meal. Blue Back Square offers a romantic and memorable setting for any star-crossed lover looking to propose.  

#3. Polytechnic ON20

Located on One State St., Hartford CT, Polytechnic ON20 is among the most romantic and beautiful places to propose in all of Connecticut. Hartford’s Steam Boiler building gives the perfect location for any couple to gaze out across the city skyline. The panoramic views are unbeatable and will provide a memorable location in which to propose.

#4. Yale University Art Gallery

Being surrounded by fine art is sure to get the romantic juices flowing and the finest art exhibitions in Connecticut are found in Yale University Art Gallery located in New Haven on Chapel Street. Current exhibitions include ‘Jazz Lives: The Photographs of Lee Friedlander and Milt Hinton’ and ‘Byobu: The Grandeur of Japanese Screens’. The depth and breadth of artwork on display is sure to provide any couple with a beautiful romantic setting in which to pop the question. 

#5. White Pines Campsite

Campgrounds are located in thirteen of Connecticut's State Parks and Forests. White Pines Campsite offers some of the most romantic and beautiful scenery Connecticut has to offer. White Pines offers spectacular trails and scenery guaranteed to take your breath away. Off-site, you can take a stroll and find almost untouched areas of outstanding natural beauty just off the beaten trail. This is some of the most incredible scenery to be found in all of Connecticut. Whether you want to take a pop up tent or pitch a party tent to celebrate the occasion, the choice is yours!


From art galleries to campsites, this list is truly eclectic to cater for the wide range of locations that couples find to be romantic or beautiful. If you are planning to pop the question in CT, hopefully this list has given you a taste of what’s on offer. If you have already made your proposal, let us know where you chose. What do you think of our list? What worked for you? Leave us a comment below. You never know whom you might help!

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If you’re Jewish, you’ll know that in the Jewish tradition, wedding ceremonies take place under a canopy called a Chuppah. Being Jewish is no barrier to embracing the hippie lifestyle and many couples would love to combine the two ideas. Is it possible to create a canopy that embraces both your Jewish and hippie persuasions? You bet! Here are five Chuppah wedding canopy ideas that will take your wedding to the next level. 

#1. Choose Old-World Fabric

The secret to creating a hippie Chuppah that your guests will love is to invest in the exterior fabric. You’ll need plenty of old-fashioned rugs, blankets and mats to lay over the canopy to create a traditional hippie look. While woven textiles look brilliant, they aren’t waterproof and may not keep your guests cool and comfortable in the same way that modern fabrics can. Therefore, consider laying the fabric over a modern canopy to create a strong, functional Chuppah that will look great on your big day. 

#2. Maximize Your Drapery

Once you have chosen some beautiful hand-woven fabrics worthy of a hippie queen, your next job is to turn your attention to the drapery that lines the interior of your tent. Hippie-inspired Chuppahs should feature floor to ceiling drapes. Whether you want traditional pastel colors such as blues, reds and greens or some finery such as yellow and gold, you’ll want to go overboard on the drapery to create that perfect hippie look. Simply rent or buy a party tent to provide protection for your guests and attach sheets or strips of cloth to the metal frame in the roof. Tie these drapes to the sides and let them hang down to create a beautiful draped interior. 

#3. Test Different Color Schemes

Once you have found some fantastic fabrics to line the exterior and interior of your Chuppah, you should put some thought into the color scheme you want. Part of the beauty of hippie-themed Chuppahs is that nothing properly matches anything else. However, most people choose one main color scheme for the interior such as gold, or pink or red. You may want to tie your choice of color scheme in with the wedding dress of clothes you plan to wear. 

#4. Make It Comfortable

Many people use fairy lights to brighten the interior of their Chuppah. These are attached in the same way as the drapes and left to hang down the sides of the Chuppah. Large, comfortable cushions in colors that match the overall color scheme are the best way to make the interior of the Chuppah comfortable for guests. 

#5. Rent A Sturdy Shelter 

As you may have gathered, the tent you use for a hippie-themed Chuppah needs to be tough. Unlike a standard party tent that simply has to shelter guests from wind and rain, a tent used for a hippie-themed wedding has to support the weight of multiple cloths draped over the outside and lots of drapery attached to the interior side of the frame. Look to buy or rent party tents made from tough galvanized steel with thick rip stop external fabric. These will support the weight of the cloths, drapery and lights while also protecting your guests from the wind and rain. 


These five Chuppah wedding canopy ideas should help any wannabe hippie create the perfect look on their big day. What do you plan to do on your wedding day? Let us know your plans in the comments below!

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Water and the contaminants contained in water can play havoc with your car’s running condition. Cars inevitable get wet in the rain but the more you can protect your car from the elements, the longer it will last. Here are five tips to keep your vehicle running without a glitch. 

#1. Protect The Paintwork

The colored paint of any car is already protected against water and contaminants with coats of clear paint know as the clear coat. Unfortunately, water contains impurities that can degrade this clear coat over time, especially when the paint becomes scratched. One option is to have clear film known as paint protection film (PPF) installed when the car is new. According to one leading supplier of paint protection film in Scottsdale, high quality PPFs will leave the original factory coat of paint in pristine protection and help the car hold its resale value. PPF will protect the paintwork from scratches and water damage and can be quickly removed if required when you come to sell your car.

#2. Apply Sealant

The chassis and bodywork of any car will quickly degrade if the owner goes too long between washes. Acid rain and salt water are of particular concern for those who live in coastal areas as salt will promote corrosion on the car if left untouched. One way to guard against this is to apply sealant after washing. Sealant such as Meguiar’s #21 Synthetic Sealant is often referred to as car wax or car polish. In fact, it contains no natural wax and protects car paintwork from water damage with synthetic ingredients. Sealant is rubbed onto clean paintwork, left to dry and then buffed off with a microfiber cloth. This protective coat lasts up to six months. 

#3. Regularly Clean The Underside Of The Car

Periodical washing of your car's undercarriage is also a good way to protect your car from corrosion caused by water. Visit your local car wash on a monthly basis and spray the underside of your car and inside the wheel wells too. This helps blast away salt and mineral deposits before they cause rust and corrosion. 

#4. Keep The Car Garaged

Garaged cars last much longer than those left outside. Water can seep between bodywork panels and components where it takes longer to evaporate. This accelerates the rate of corrosion. This problem is magnified during winter where ice and snow melts, seeps between parts and then re-freezes. In doing so, it expands and causes damage to parts of the car. Keeping a car garaged will minimize the rate at which corrosion occurs. In fact, carports and garage kits are potentially better than actual garages as they allow airflow underneath the cover. This means that the car dries out faster if parked when wet, thus minimizing the rate of corrosion. 

#5. Use A Cover

Where you can’t park in a garage or under cover, consider using a UV-resistant, waterproof car cover. Most dealerships and hardware stores sell these covers. They aren’t everyday solutions but will provide some protection against fierce storms or hailstorms, especially when on vacation. 


These five tips can help anyone ‘waterproof’ their car and at least slow down the rate at which the car’s bodywork, chassis and components are degraded by water damage. What do you think of our tips? What did we miss? Leave us a question or comments below!

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