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Recent blog posts

From growing your own herbs to farming, harvesting crops are both a beloved hobby and successful way to make a living. Regardless of how big your crops are, there are helpful equipment and methods to help make growing easy. Check out these great tips for greenhouse growing.


7 Tips for Greenhouse Growing Amateurs

Even if you are a professional agriculturist, switching to greenhouse growing is a different ball game. Check out these 7 tips for successful greenhouse growing to take your success to the next level.


1.          Remove only what you need from your crops.

One of the biggest problems new harvesters face is frustration with the rate of progress. One way to fix this is to take only what you need from your crops. For example, when growing cucumbers, why take the whole vegetable when you only need half? If it’s possible to cut off only what you need, do so! Use cling wrap to cover the remaining portion of the plant. Vegetables will stay fresh longer and your crops will grow more efficiently.


2.          Use bubble wrap to insulate your greenhouse.

Although your greenhouse will help protect your crops and plants, the harsh winter’s cold can still affect greenhouse growing. Since you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money on heating your greenhouse, bubble wrap can be a cost-effective option. Bubble wrap works especially well for insulating glass panes.


3.          Insulate plant containers during fall months.

Before the frigid months come around, try to insulate all your potted plants with bubble wrap. It just creates extra warmth for your plants and crops and further supports your greenhouse growing. Terra cotta pots should especially be insulated.


4.          Stay away from local garden centers.

Greenhouse growing can be as costly or cost-effective as you want, depending on what type of accessories and supplies you use. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using local garden centers to grab supplies. The supplies and products here are usually marked up quite a bit more than office supply stores or major retail stores, like Walmart and Target. You can even grab your greenhouse growing supplies from online stores, such as Amazon.


5.          Hang up your bananas to help ripen your tomatoes.

Tomatoes are probably the crop that takes the longest to grow. They often frustrate people with greenhouse growing. Bananas can speed up the process by releasing ethylene. The gas helps ripen tomatoes faster. This is a great DIY tip from some of our professionals.


6.          Talk to an expert to help position your greenhouse.

If you are struggling with greenhouse growing, you might want to move your greenhouse to a better position. Most greenhouses benefit from at least three hours of direct sunlight per day. Any longer may cause temperatures to rise and can damage plants by taking away from proper ventilation. If you need advice, ask a professional about positioning.


7.          Choose the right size for your needs.

One of the greatest things about greenhouse growing is that there are so many sizes to choose from for your portable greenhouse. Start off small or go right to the big options. Whatever your needs, you have options when it comes to greenhouse growing.


Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a professional agriculturist, greenhouse growing with our portable shelters will help improve your plants and crops.


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Relief tents can be a major asset when disaster strikes. They provide immediate, emergency shelter when you need it most. You never know when disaster will strike, that’s why relief tents are the perfect solution to provide safety when you need it. Because they can be quickly constructed and can be placed anywhere, they are the perfect solution when you need emergency shelter.


A temporary relief shelter should be easy-to-assemble and made from quality parts. In the most difficult times, you need to find a cost-effective solution you can count on. Relief tents come in different sizes that allow you to accommodate small to large groups of people. There are several circumstances that might put you in a position where you need a relief tent. Let’s look at some common uses of relief tents.


Relief Tent Uses as Field Hospitals

Field hospitals are large mobile medical units, or mini versions of hospitals, that can be constructed right at the scene of a major catastrophe. When people need emergency medical care, relief tents can be very effective in immediate treating patients who have fallen victim to serious injuries due to a major catastrophe. They can be a great way to prevent casualties and treat patients until they can be moved to a safer place.


Relief tents are commonly used as field hospitals in military situations or situations where disasters or mass casualties are reported. Having a relief tent that can be quickly assembled is important to reduce the number of deaths that may occur in an emergency like these. Medical equipment and personnel can be brought in to diffuse major medical situations and treat patients right at the scene of the disaster. Resuscitation and other critical medical activities require shelter to be performed safely and effectively. That’s why relief tents are a great resource for medical emergencies.


Portable Barracks

Another common military use for relief tents is portable barracks. There can be an increased need for these types of buildings in war times or for other large rescue missions. Soldiers and other military personnel can set up camp and have a comfortable place to rest until they have to set off on their mission again.


Portable barracks may also be needed to host refugees or hostages who have been rescued. They allow military personnel to safely house individuals until they can be brought safely home again. Besides comfort, relief tents provide safety features and protection which wouldn’t be possible with basic tents.


Tent Cities

Tent cities are temporary housing facilities for people who are homeless or lost their homes due to a disaster. Especially for a major catastrophe like hurricanes, fire, or other natural disasters, relief tents can help relieve emotional turmoil during these difficult situations.

Relief tents provide a safe, secure shelter to people during their most difficult times. They can temporarily protect those who have lost everything until they can be effectively re-located somewhere permanent. Relief tents provide a safe place to guard the vulnerable and their valuables so they can get back on their feet and find safety in their worst moments.

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Temporary shelters are a great investment to protect your most valuable belongings. Motorcycles, trucks, SUVS, and cars are expensive and should be properly protected from the harsh elements of outdoor weather. If you have the space to support a temporary shelter, this may be the best option for you to protect your investment. Although these cost-effective storage solutions are durable and dependable, they can experience problems over time.


Strong winds, heavy snow, severe storms, and normal wear and tear can lead to common problems for your temporary shelters. The good news is there are usually easy fixes available for the most common temporary shelter issues. Let’s take a look at the most common temporary shelter issues and how you can fix them.


Most Common Temporary Shelter Issues

The two most common issues that temporary shelter clients face are loose canopies and buckled or bent supports. Although dealing with any issues can be frustrating, there are easy solutions to both of these. Let’s take a look at each:


Loose Canopy Issues

When a canopy comes loose with temporary shelter, it can be due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of loose canopies occurs when the portable shelter was originally set up haphazardly. Frequent construction and deconstruction of temporary shelters can lead to the improper installation of your canopy. Additionally, changes in the seasons and stormy weather can cause your cover to come loose.


The best way to handle loose canopies is to fix them before they cause more problems. Use a spreader bar to properly and carefully spread the loose cover. A spreader bar can be easily obtained by calling your portable shelter dealer. Follow the instructions exactly as directed to avoid issues with spreading the cover. Once your cover has been properly fitted to the frame, be sure all straps and buckles are secured tightly and properly to avoid further issues.


Buckled or Bent Supports

Although portable shelters are built tough and can withstand the harsh elements of winter, you may occasionally come across buckled or bent supports. This problem is more common during the winter months, especially if heavy snow loads accumulate. The best way to prevent these issues is to remove snow as it accumulates or as quickly as you can. This will help prevent stress on your structure.


If your support beams have already bent or buckled, have them replaced before further damage hits your structure. Failure to do so can cause you to lose your structure altogether or lead to damage to your store items or vehicles.

Despite the fact that issues might arise when it comes to your portable shelter, they are an effective and affordable means of outdoor protection for your most expensive investments. If you have the space on your property for portable buildings, a temporary shelter will be of great benefit to your entire residence or commercial property.

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Using your outdoor greenhouse to grow crops through the fall and winter is beneficial in many ways. Not only can you save money by walking right outside your door for fresh, hearty vegetables instead of shopping at a store, greenhouse cultivation that is consistent through the whole year saves you money in the long run. Preparing your greenhouse for fall and winter harvest is actually a great way to keep your soil at its peak fertility level. While your greenhouse provides your gardening with a frost-free climate all year long, there are some important steps you need to take to prepare for the cold weather.

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Livestock shelters are a great investment for individuals who have livestock, especially when it comes to the harsh effects of winter weather on your animals. As temperatures drop and the ground becomes covered in snow, most people fail to consider what they should do to keep their livestock warm. Livestock shelters are a great way to protect the animals on your property. Believe it or not, even large animals with a lot of fur can suffer from frostbite, hypothermia, and other illnesses that can lead to death. Here’s what you should consider if you own large animals that stay outside most of the year.


Livestock Shelters Provide Protection

Livestock shelters are a great investment when it comes to the health and well-being of your large animals. Portable shelters for livestock and horses can offer much-needed protection from rain, snow, heavy wind, hail, sleet, and cold temperatures. These durable shelters are lightweight and easy-to-assemble. They are portable and convenient and a cost-effective means to protect your valued outdoor animals. Although it may seem like large animals can sustain the elements of colder weather, they can be seriously injured when exposed to frigid temperatures for long periods of time. Livestock shelters come in different sizes. They are the perfect solution to protect your outdoor animals, regardless of how many you have and how big they are.


Choose the Right Material

When you purchase livestock shelters, it is a good idea to consider material. Our shelters, for example, are made from UV-treated material that provides further protection from the sun. They are also fire-retardant so you have the peace of mind knowing your animals are safe. Our fabric covers are made from a material that is strong and durable, so the heavy snow won’t cause your structure to buckle under the pressure of weight. Our steel frames can be firmly planted to the ground for added safety. When it comes to outdoor protection, don’t forego quality to save money.


Consider Design

When it comes to the perfect outdoor protection for your animals, you need to consider design. While there are many designs on the market, be sure to pick one with a solid, dependable steel frame. Rounded or gambrel-shaped buildings can provide added protection from the accumulation of snow and other debris on the top of your building. You can add accessories like ambient lighting to keep your animals safe and comfortable.


Keep Your Animals Healthy

Whether your outdoor animals are used to make a living or just an outdoor extension of your family, you should always be sure they are healthy and safe. This can help you avoid unwanted medical bills that can add up very quickly. Keeping your animals healthy means protecting them from cold temperatures, wind, and freezing rain. Some of the harsh elements of winter can lead your animals to get sick or even die. When you keep your horses, livestock, and other outdoor animals warm, they will remain healthy for years to come.

Portable shelters come in all different shapes and sizes and serve as the perfect livestock shelters to protect your outdoor animals. They are an affordable alternative to outdoor barns and horse stables. Your outdoor animals are a substantial investment, and you care about their well-being. Keep them safe with livestock shelters that protect them from all the different elements of weather.

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If you are planning an outdoor wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. Since weather conditions are unpredictable, you need to make sure you properly prepare for the best day of your life. When you cover all aspects of preparation, you can be sure your wedding will go off without a hitch.


If an outdoor wedding is a part of your dreams, you need outdoor protection in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Once you pick the perfect outdoor protection for your wedding style, you need to prepare for placement. This will ensure that your tent is effective in keeping yourself and your guests clean and dry if the weather decides to act up. One of the most important parts of your preparation is ground prep. Let’s learn more.


Ground Preparation Is Crucial for Outdoor Wedding Protection

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to your wedding is where you will place your outdoor tent and how you will prepare for installation. Talk to your dealer about the steps necessary to prepare your site for party tent installation. Following these steps will help make the assembly quick and easy and ensure that your outdoor protection is safe. When it comes to ground preparation, be sure to follow these steps at the site of your outdoor wedding:


1.          Discuss the Site Before You Choose Your Tent

When it comes to your outdoor wedding tent, there are more things to consider than just the size and color. You need to carefully plan out where your tent will be placed. It can be a nightmare if the crew comes to construct your party tent and there isn’t ample space or the site of installation isn’t good for what you need. Take into account all practical matters, like convenience for guests, caterers, and entertainment. Make sure your tent can be oriented the way you want it, especially if you are using a property with a view. Talk to your party tent dealer about the different options available for your use.


2.          Remove All Obstacles in Your Way

Before the team comes to construct your outdoor party tent, be sure the area is free of any obstacles. These can cause problems when it’s time to install your outdoor protection. Make sure you don’t choose a site with trees, bushes, or stumps in the way. Remove anything that can cause the team to trip or fall and pose a hazard for your guests.


3.          Clear All Puddles and Standing Water

While your outdoor protection will keep you from having issues with water on your big day, you can’t prevent rain from wrecking your site in the days and weeks before. If puddles or standing water have accumulated, be sure to have them removed before you set up your tent. Talk to your dealer about the potential hazards of constructing your party tent when the ground is wet since wet land can lead to sinking issues.

While you already have enough to worry about, taking the time to plan ahead for these issues can save you time and money in the long run. It’s your big day! You want to make sure everything is perfect. Ground preparation is just one more way to ensure that everything will be as planned when it comes time to say “I do!”

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RV camper protection is an important thing to consider if you are an avid camper. There’s no question that camper vehicles are an expensive investment. Therefore, you also need to consider how you will maintain and protect your investment. If camping is your idea of summer fun, you need to make sure you have a proper means to store your vehicle when the winter months roll around.


While you don’t want to think about stowing away your RV just yet, you need to be properly prepared to protect your investment when you store it away for the winter season. As the colder weather rolls in, it’s time to consider RV camper protection to maintain the longevity of your investment. A portable shelter is the perfect option for your storage needs this winter. If you have an RV, read on to find out how to choose the right solution for your RV camper protection needs.


Choose the Right RV Camper Protection

It is important to choose the right shelter for all your needs. You need to pick an option that fits properly on your property while handling the size of your RV. Shelters come in different sizes and designs, so there is an option that can suit any type of camper. Whether you have a large vehicle or a small camper, you can find a shelter that will properly protect your investment. Portable shelters can provide RV camper protection while also giving you additional storage if you have the room for a larger building. Be sure to look through all your options before you make a decision on which shelter works best for you.


Don’t Worry About Assembly

One of the best things about portable shelters is that they are made of high-quality material that is strong and sturdy, yet they are easy to assemble. They can withstand the harshest of weather to provide you with the best RV camper protection. The frames are pre-drilled and designed for easy assembly. This means most people can assemble their building on their own without spending extra money to hire a professional for assembly. Assembly can usually be done with just two people and completed in a couple of hours.


Pick Your Style

Portable shelters also come in a variety of styles. This means you can pick an option that gives you the most storage for your space. Peak style, round style, and truss building style are the most popular styles available. Each option fits specific customer needs. For example, the round buildings are great for areas that get heavy snow and rain because they will run off the cover. This design will help bring you RV camper protection from moisture while you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of snow weighing down your roof.


Quality Materials

The best portable shelters are made from heavy-duty, quality materials that can handle all the elements of weather. At Rhino Shelters, for example, our covers are fire retardant, UV-resistant, and made of tough, durable material that won’t rip. If you own a camper, you should consider providing the best protection for your investment. Although portable shelters are an additional investment, they give you a return on your investment with a longer lifespan of your RV.

If you are an avid camper, your RV is an important part of your life. It’s where you go to make memories with your family and get time away from the business of life. Protect your investments with dependable RV camper protection with portable shelters that you can trust.

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Greenhouse ventilation is an important part of maintaining the integrity of your plants and crops. Portable greenhouses are used to maintain the desired environment for plant growth and continue to yield more crops despite the changes in weather outdoors. Portable greenhouses are designed to regulate temperature, sun, and shade and deliver the ultimate environment for your plants. The best way to maintain your greenhouse is to understand the different ways to bring proper greenhouse ventilation to your structure.

Innovations are constantly being made to deliver more to portable greenhouses. And, as portable greenhouses become more popular, greenhouse ventilation options are being improved. Agriculturists and horticulturists put a heavy focus on providing the right temperature and humidity for optimal growth. 

What Are the Right Means of Greenhouse Ventilation?

Proper greenhouse ventilation provides cooler air to decrease humidity and allow plants to grow. A well-ventilated greenhouse has fewer pollutants and can greatly affect your crop production. Pollutants come in the form of gases or pathogens that thrive in still air conditions. Proper greenhouse ventilation is important to move pollutants out of your structure and keep carbon dioxide from killing off your plants and crops. So, what are your means of ventilation?

1.          Artificial Ventilation

Artificial greenhouse ventilation helps your greenhouse obtain satisfactory airflow through a mechanically operated ventilation system. 

2.          Exhaust Fans

Greenhouse ventilation can be achieved using exhaust fans at the ends of your walls. Air is allowed to enter by a motorized shutter. But it should be frequently checked during the winter months to make sure there is no drafts. In warmer months, you need to be sure you provide enough air exchange to keep your plants thriving. Exhaust fans can be mounted to higher portions of end walls. They come with different speeds and can be controlled by different thermostats for optimal greenhouse ventilation.

3.          Evaporative Cooling Devices

If your outdoor air is of high temperature, you may need to use evaporative cooling devices to prevent excessive heat from causing your plants to wilt. Shading materials, paint-on materials, and screens can be used to change temperature. A fan and pad system can eliminate excess heat and help cool down your structure. 

4.          Mist Cooling Devices

When you use mist cooling devices, they deliver tiny drops of well-filtered moisture that don’t leave mineral deposits or lead on your plants. There are different advantages and disadvantages to evaporative cooling devices and mist cooling devices. Talk to your portable greenhouse dealer to find out the best greenhouse ventilation option for your needs.

Since portable greenhouses are a great option to help maintain your plants and crops all year long, many customers take advantage of the variety of sizes and options we have for portable greenhouses. When you make sure you use proper greenhouse ventilation, you can rest easy knowing that your plants and crops are on their way to optimal growth. 

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Garage alternatives are limited, especially when you begin to consider construction fees and location options. The good news is that there are some options available for perfect garage alternatives. Metal carports are one of the best solutions if you are looking for garage alternatives. They are not only cost effective, but they also take less construction time and are viable solutions.


5 Reasons Why Carports Make Great Garage Alternatives

If you need a place to store your vehicle or are looking for additional shelter from the storm, check out these five reasons metal carports are the best garage alternatives. 

#1. Carports Do Not Require Planning Permission
Even though there are many different types of carports, they all have the same advantage over permanent garage structures. There is no planning permission required to construct a metal carport. One of the main reasons metal carports are used as garage alternatives is that they don’t require the hassle and expense of applying for a building permit for homeowners. Since many homeowners can’t get permission for constructing a permanent garage on their property, metal carports are the perfect solution.

#2. Carports Offer Protection from The Sun

While some people don’t see a need for a garage, one of the major advantages of having outdoor protection for your vehicle is to maintain the life of your vehicle. While carports might not offer the same level of security as wood, metal, brick, or concrete garages, they can still protect your vehicle from potential sun damage. Direct sunlight can dry out exterior rubber on your vehicles, like your tires, windshield wipers, and door seals. When rubber starts to crack or peel, it can lead to unnecessary expenses when it comes to your vehicle. Carports are great garage alternatives that can protect your vehicle from the sun.

#3. Carports Will Protect Cars From Rain Damage
High quality carports can help you avoid damage to your vehicle due to rain. While portable shelters with fabric might not be the best solution for your vehicle protection, metal carports are durable enough to protect your vehicle from rain damage. Hail, in particular, can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle. Metal carports are a great solution to provide your car outdoor protection without worrying about constructing a permanent garage.

#4. Carports Offer Protection Against Snow
Snow can have a devastating impact on cars. It can melt into gaps around the vehicle’s bodywork and then expand as it re-freezes, causing parts and components to be forced apart. In addition, some drivers do damage when they scrape ice and snow off their windshield of the body of their car. Metal carports are the perfect garage alternatives to protect your vehicle from snow. They are strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads and protect your car from the damaging effects of winter.

#5. Carports Have Comparable Maintenance Requirements to Garages

While carports are a fraction of the cost of regular garages, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. When you properly maintain your carport, they will last you for years to come. And, as normal wear and tear catches up with them, there are affordable solutions to help you avoid buying a whole new structure. Carports are cheaper to build and have very little maintenance requirements to increase their life span.

Whether you are looking for a semi-permanent carport or a moveable instant garage, our outdoor solutions provide excellent sources of garage alternatives. If you’re looking for a garage alternative that meets all your needs, give us a call to discuss your options.  

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Party tents are a great way to throw that Fourth of July bash without having to worry you’ll be rained out! Call up your friends and plan your party, because nothing is going to stop you with these great party tent options. Grab your favorite foods, your favorite drinks, and plan out the theme for a Fourth of July bash that everyone is certain to remember.


In addition to our amazing party tents, here are some exciting options to bring more to your next outdoor party.


Party Tent Types for Your Fourth of July Bash

These party tents will definitely be a highlight of your next party.


1.          The Tipi Tent

These are a trendy option that replicates the original tipis used by the tribes of the Great Plains. While original tipis used wooden poles covered with animal skin, the Tipi Tent is made from galvanized steel and durable rip-stop fabric. This is a great addition to any birthday party or holiday bash you’re throwing. The tent is designed to function just like the original tipis used in the good old days.


2.         The Lodge Tent

If a tipi isn’t your thing, the lodge tent is another great option that will work for smaller crowds. They resemble the classic lodge style tent from hundreds of years ago. The time-tested design is made to withstand harsh weather. Although the tent looks retro, it’s coming back as a trendy option for your next party. The water-resistant, polyester shell is strong and will keep you dry during the strongest downpours.


3.          The I-gloobox

This tent lives up to its name and will definitely be a topic of conversation at your next party. It resembles an igloo but isn’t made of ice. Instead, it is constructed of large grey panels. While it was originally made to keep homeless people from looking out of place, it is a great addition to any party. You can even use it for camping.


4.          The VW Camper Van Tent

Nothing will bring more laughs than throwing up a classic VW camper van to keep your guests safe at your next party. The tent fully resembles a van and is sure to grab all your guests’ attention.


5.          American Flag Tent

The American Flag tent is definitely a great option for your Fourth of July bash! Classic businesses like Urban Outfitters carry these themed tents. Nothing screams Fourth of July more than this classic All-American tent.


6.          Classic Party Tents

Whether you’re looking for a decorative option or a practical option, you should always use a classic party tent if you’re planning an outdoor party. This will protect your guests no matter what the weather is. Rain, snow, or sun, you can be sure your party won’t be canceled regardless of what the weather brings. Party tents offer the perfect centralized location for food, music, drinks, or just an area to hang out.


If you’re planning a Fourth of July Bash this year, be sure you check party tent off the list of supplies. You can be sure that all your guests will enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment while you spend quality time with each other. For more information on our party tents, talk to one of our sales representatives!


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Outdoor weddings have increased in popularity immensely over the past few years. And halfway into 2018, the trend doesn’t seem to be losing steam. One of the most popular uses for our party tents is to provide shelter for outdoor weddings. And, we see that option continue year round.

Outdoor weddings are a great option for your perfect once in a lifetime event. Dive into the top trends for 2018 weddings and see other great ideas for your 2018 wedding. Since we love helping make your big day a memorable one, we’re giving you a quick look into some of the hot wedding trends of this year. Happy planning!

Outdoor Wedding Trends to Finish Out 2018

We dug deep into the latest trends to give you the best styles and ideas to plan that perfect fall outdoor wedding just in time to end 2018. Here’s the latest and greatest themes for your perfect day.

Enchanted Forest

If you are looking for a fairytale wedding, the Enchanted Forest theme is perfect to give you that mystical charm. Think bold flowers, dark mossy colors, lighted candles, and greenery décor. Add a beautiful backdrop and your wedding with be the romance topic of the year.

Urban Vintage

The urban vintage theme didn’t just emerge this year. It’s been going strong for quite some time. This stylish combo mixes your favorite urban and vintage styles to create a romantic wedding of your dreams.

Secret Garden

Lots of little girls imagine their wedding in a mysterious garden filled with inviting décor and warm, feminine colors. Choose light pink, bounteous flowers. Add a touch of the garden in every area of your reception and you’ll have the perfecting pairing.

Rustic Barn

If you are more of a country girl, the barn and farm venues are certain to strike your fancy. They have been hot for years and don’t seem to be losing steam yet. Use warm brown tones as the color theme of your wedding. Choose rustic signs and wood-themed centerpieces to add another element of farm life.

Industrial Metallic

This trend is super hot and incorporates the ever popular rose gold color scheme. From fun signs to creative menus, you can incorporate acrylic and geometric accents throughout your entire wedding décor.

Modern Neutral Chic

Muted shades of blue, pink, and brown are a great fit for this trendy theme. Add in décor with a range of neutral hues and it’ll come together in a simple, yet elegant theme.

While some brides choose the completely open outdoor theme, others relish the sense of security that comes with decorating the perfect outdoor party tent. In most cases, it will not only protect you from the possibility of inclement weather, it’s a perfect accent to your carefully planned masterpiece that comes together to create your dream wedding day.

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Ultimate declutter guide can be a great help for keeping your portable storage clean. When you first look at clutter, it can be overwhelming. You may not know where to begin. Once you conquer your clutter, there are many benefits to overcoming it. Let’s get into the ultimate declutter guide for your portable shelter.

Why Should You Declutter?

There are many reasons why you should simplify your storage. Although everyone has their own preferences and lives their own way, decluttering to some degree can help most people. Here are some ways the ultimate declutter guide can benefit you:

  • Your life becomes less stressful. Clutter can serve as a visual distraction that causes stress in your life. It’s a constant reminder of things you need to do. You might want to ignore you bills, laundry, piled up junk, but clutter is a constant reminder of things you can’t ignore.
  •             Many people work better in an uncluttered home or workspace. Less distractions mean better focus.
  •             Uncluttered homes and workspaces are more peaceful and can help you relax.
  •             A decluttered home is more attractive if you are trying to sell your home. It is also more inviting when visitors arrive.
  •             Decluttering frees up space. Less clutter gives you more space to live, play, and work.

Ultimate Declutter Guide Steps

Here are some ultimate declutter guide strategies that can get you started.

  •            Set a timer. The first piece of advice in our ultimate declutter guide is to block off a specific amount of time for your project. This will reduce some of the overwhelming feelings you may have. It can also create a sense of urgency that helps you get down to business. Whether it’s one hour or six hours, stick to the timer and spend as much of that time as possible working on your project. Once you start to see a difference, it’ll give you the motivation to keep going.
  •            Create a starting point. Begin with one area of your space that is a no-clutter zone. Make a rule that nothing can be placed there until you organize and assign your belongings. Slowly expand this area until it covers a larger amount of space. Section things off to help organize.
  •            Another successful tip in our ultimate declutter guide is to set up four boxes to begin your project. Each box should be designated for a different purpose: one for trash, one for donations, one for storage, one for relocation.
  •            Clean out your closets! Closets are a major collector of clutter. When you begin to tackle your closet, you not only rid your house of excess clutter, you open up storage space for clean other areas of the house. Donate clothes you haven’t touched in six months. Organize the items you plan to keep.
  •            Just as with your indoor space, the ultimate declutter guide is a great resource for your portable shelter. Portable shelters can easily accumulate a great deal of items. Whether you use your portable shelter to store your vehicles or as added storage to your home, they should be cleaned regularly. If not, you can end up with a bigger project than you want to have to handle. Similar to indoor space, setting a timer, sectioning off items, and getting rid of bags immediately of items you wont be keeping is the best way and most successful way to handle this project.

These are just a few important steps you can take to declutter your space. When you follow our ultimate declutter guide, you’ll be on the fast track to making the most of your portable storage space. Living in a cleaner less cluttered space will lead to a happier more productive life.

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When it comes to cost, you want to have the option to buy quality products without breaking the bank. Too often we purchase products that are less expensive, only to find out that the quality is seriously lacking. On the contrary, many times you purchase a product out of necessity but are forced to pay prices that are through the roof. Are you thinking there must be a solution to this common household dilemma? Well, when it comes to portable shelters, there is. Our products are factory direct. That means you will save up to 60%, but get the same high-quality product that is being sold at stores for sometimes more than double the price. Here’s how!

Factory Direct Vs. Wholesale

One of the most confusing topics to understand is the difference between factory direct and wholesale. When you are looking for a product, or if you are a reseller, it can be a task to try to decipher the difference between wholesale and factory direct. The bottom line is this. Factory direct comes straight from the source. Straight from the source means major savings. Why?

Ordering from a factory eliminates the middle man. Since the factory produces the product you are buying, you can still get exactly what you want. In fact, you are getting the exact same product that costs a great amount more in the stores. When you break it down, it makes complete sense. Here’s an example. If you purchase one of our portable shelters from Home Depot, the store has to bump up their prices. Why? Because they purchase their products from our factory. If they didn’t turn around and add to our prices, they wouldn’t be making a profit. Therefore, they would be out of business!

Advantages of Factory Direct Purchasing

Now that we have determined the cost savings involved with factory direct purchasing, its important to point out that the advantages don’t stop there. Aside from unbeatable pricing, here are some other reasons why factory direct purchasing is a no brainer:

·         Custom Orders. Trying to make a custom order through a distributor or retailer can be a pain. Often there is a lot of back and forth only to find out you aren’t getting exactly what you wanted when your product comes in. When you place an order direct, you get what you want with a lower chance of mistake. Additionally, you can give suggestions to improve price, functionality, and performance.

·         Faster Turn Around. When you buy factory direct, your order will be processed immediately. You won’t have to wait for the product to be shipped from place to place before it heads your way.

·         Better Service. The service that comes with factory direct is second to none. If something breaks, or you have an issue, customer service is available immediately. This leads to better experience.

·         Less Paperwork. Factory direct means fewer agreements, fewer signatures, less documentation, and less paperwork. You will save time and space.

·         No Hidden Fees. Import/export fees, inspection surcharges, and sourcing charges are just a few of the added fees that come when you buy from a retailer. With factory direct, you skip all these fees.

·         Unmatched Product Knowledge. Most suppliers know very little about where the product they are selling comes from. When you buy directly from the factory, however, you can get help from someone who is involved in design, development, and production of the products. They know the process from the start of your product build until it leaves the doors to your possession.


The advantages to buying factory direct make the decision simple. If you want to purchase a product at lower costs but with the same quality and even better service, this is your way to go. At Rhino Shelter, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the accountability and integrity they should get from everyone with whom they do business. 

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Galvanized steel is a durable, dependable form of steel that can be used for portable shelters. One of the most important components of portable shelters is the steel frame that holds them together. Different companies use different forms of metal to construct their shelters. At Rhino Shelters, we use the highest quality products to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment. Most manufacturers choose to use a less expensive option to make more profit on their shelters. Portable shelters made of galvanized steel can withstand the harsh elements of weather longer and better.


What is Galvanized Steel?


Galvanized steel is common in the metal industry. What makes galvanized steel better is that it has been coated with zinc to make it resistant to corrosion. Regular steel can rust if it is exposed to moisture. Galvanized can handle harsh weather conditions like rain and snow because it will not corrode when exposed to the moisture.


Stainless Steel and Other Metals


Stainless steel and aluminum are other metals that are commonly used. While these are both more expensive options, they are not often a good option for portable shelters. Stainless steel has physical characteristics that prevent it from being flexible. Portable shelters are built to be relocated easily. With stainless steel, it is not likely that you can safely disassemble and reassemble your shelter.


Galvanized steel is the best option for strength, portability, and durability. Because shelters are often used to protect items from the effects of weather, you need a shelter that will not corrode when exposed to moisture. Galvanized steel is not only strong and durable, it will not rust over time. This makes it the highest quality option for construction of portable shelters.


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Portable car shelter is a popular way to protect your expensive vehicles from the harmful effects of the outdoors. Many people elect to invest in a portable car shelter. This is an easy and effective way to protect your vehicle from the damage of bad weather. When you pick a portable car shelter, you should make sure you pick the perfect option for the vehicle you want to protect. These top tips can help you pick the right portable car shelter for your vehicle.


Choose Strength


While many people focus on portability when they make the choice of a car shelter, it is important to take other characteristics into account. Be sure the shelter you choose is build strong. Find a portable car shelter that is made of the toughest material. You want to be sure your shelter is properly secured and can stand the test of heavy winds, snow, and rain.


Keep Other Storage in Mind


You will likely store your vehicle for a season. Portable car shelters are a financial investment. Find a shelter that can fit multiple purposes. When your vehicle is not stored in your portable car shelter, you can use it to keep other items protected. For example, portable shelters are a great way to store winter equipment and tools.


Choose an Affordable Option


There are many different manufacturers who offer portable shelters. You want to find a shelter that is both strong and affordable. Sometimes the most expensive option is not the best choice. Shop around. Once you have gathered different pricing options, compare the shelters, the company, and the price. You will have options. Use them.


Pay Attention to the Size


Measure the dimensions of your vehicle. Assess your property to determine where you will erect your portable car shelter. Once you have measured both, you can talk to a portable shelter representative to choose the option that is best for you. Consider the need for space to move around. You get the most of your shelter when you pick a size that will work for you.


Accessorize Your Portable Car Shelter


Portable shelters have many accessories you can add to enhance your shelter. Consider what accessories your shelter offers. Anchor kits, moisture absorbers, and patch kits can come in handy to protect your investment.


A portable shelter can provide a great deal of protection for your vehicle. Talk to a portable shelter representative to help you pick the right shelter for your needs.


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Hurricanes, fires, and tropical storms are just some examples of natural disasters that could cause extreme devastation when they hit a residential area. Rescue and emergency management teams are set in place to jump in and help restore things to normal when the dust settles. While you might not even realize there are people employed to do these things, they are a great resource for homeless survivors of major catastrophes. Here’s how a portable relief tent can help your family when disaster strikes.


Where to Begin…


When a natural disaster wipes out homes, or even entire neighborhoods, residents usually don’t know where to begin. It’s overwhelming enough to lose everything, imagine trying to decide how to begin cleanup and start over? With building destroyed, houses in shambles, and debris everywhere, it’s hard to decide what to do first when it comes to cleanup and rebuilding. Portable relief shelters are made to do just that.


A portable relief tent is the first place to start when your area has been hit with devastation. In most cases, the American Red Cross or FEMA will step in and have portable shelters set up to help those in need. These portable buildings are durable and can be used for many different purposes.


Portable Relief Tent Uses


Emergency relief tents can be set up as a command centers for emergency personnel or those who arrive on scene to give aid. In the case of people being without homes, these shelters can provide immediate, temporary housing. Some emergency management teams set up food distribution centers to provide food to those in need. Emergency relief tents can also be set up quickly to provide immediate medical clinics for those who have been injured.


Portable relief shelters are built to withstand strong winds and rain. During an emergency, they can be erected for short-term or long-term use. The waterproof fabric increases the durability and provides a necessary and dependable shelter for those who need it. Portable electricity can be brought to the shelters, and you can have peace of mind knowing they our fabric is fire resistant. When the relief tent is no longer needed, they can be easily taken down and moved. These shelters are designed to be reassembled, so moving them frequently won’t cause a problem.


No one wants to imagine being caught in the middle of a natural disaster, but the fact is that they happen. You want to make sure you are protected when disaster strikes. Provide those you love or those who work for you shelter from the storm in the event of an emergency with dependable, trusted portable relief tents.


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Portable shelters are used in many ways. From storing vehicles to providing extra shelter for outdoor equipment, people are always finding new ways to utilize their portable shelters. As winter approaches, it can be a huge help when you have extra space on hand to store your winter tools. Although outdoor storage space is perfect for snowmobiles and snow blowers, many clients use their shelter to store firewood for the upcoming cold winter nights.

Tips to Store Firewood in Portable Shelter

You’ve worked hard to gather, split, and stack your firewood. Your family is excited for all the memories they are about to make as you all gather around the fireplace to keep warm during the holiday season. Now it’s time to protect your firewood after all your hard work. Once you have enough firewood to last you through the winter, these tips can help make sure you get through.

Find a Convenient Location

Store your firewood in a location that is convenient. Easy access to your firewood will be helpful when you want to keep that fire going. Keep in mind that logs left outdoors can attract insects. When you store logs next to your home, insects can collect on the wood and enter your home. When you store your firewood in a portable shelter, you will protect the wood from infestation.

Protect Your Firewood from Moisture

The best time to collect firewood for winter is in the spring. This will give you seasoned wood that is dried of moisture by the time winter months roll in. The heat and sun of the summer months can help to remove moisture from your firewood. Once you have gathered your firewood, you will want to store it in a place where it is protected from moisture. Portable shelters allow you to keep your firewood dry, so it will burn efficiently when you need it.

Elevate and Circulate

When stored directly on the ground, firewood can collect moisture and attract unwanted insects. Elevate your firewood to promote proper air circulation and avoid moisture build up. You will also deter pests and wood rot.

When you properly store your firewood, you will have easy access to quality wood without the pests. Portable shelters come in all shapes and sizes. They are the perfect option to ensure you will have long burning, low emission fires through the entire winter season.

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A portable garage shelter is important if you need to protect your vehicle, especially if you don’t have any garage or carport at your home. The primary purpose of having a portable garage is to provide a complete and reliable shelter for your vehicle, protect it against the changing weather conditions and from the harmful UV rays. Through the years, the unique methods of car protection have become quite inventive, like using a cover for your vehicles. Indeed, this can be an effective way against the heavy rainfall. But a simple cover cannot protect the top surfaces of your car during a strong wind and storm. And the damage inflicted on the car can significantly cost a lot. That’s why having a portable garage carport is an inexpensive and practical solution to your needs.


Portable garage shelters are helpful because they can be moved to various locations as needed. They can also be used for temporary storage or even shelter from the weather during any outdoor gatherings. It is also much more practical for several reasons than building a traditional garage which requires large amounts of money and potentially, a lot more space. If you want to see more variety, there are several types of portable garage shelter that you should definitely consider.


Peaked Roof Portable Garage

The peaked roof portable garage is the popular type of portable buildings on the market. From common portable shelters like carports to smaller portable sheds, this design is popularly used. There are cases where polyethylene side walls aren’t included in some carports, however, the polyethylene roof is enough to protect the vehicle. But if you need all-around protection for your seasonal vehicle, then your shelters can be designed with polyethylene canopy walls. This is usually a standard design for those smaller portable sheds.


The peaked roof portable garage is taller than normal and is probably best used as a carport for a medium-sized truck or boat storage. However, the principal characteristic of a peaked storage building is its sturdiness and galvanized steel frame, which includes pins that help maintain the shape of the building. Another great quality is the door, which has full-width double zipper doors for simple access.


Barn Style Portable Garage

The second style of portable shelter is a barn style portable garage. Typically, this type of peaked shelter works just like the ordinary peaked garage, except it has a greater and wider structure. Because of the shed-like design and barn-like structure, these shelters are typically used for storing farm equipment along with vehicles. Having one of these barn shaped shelters can definitely store both regularly used and seasonal used farm equipment equally and safely.


Portable barn shelters are built with heavy-duty structural steel along with durable polyethylene covers that are designed to last the long-term weather exposure. You can choose from different heights, widths, depths, styles, and colors to meet your specific requirement. In addition, valuable storage can be achieved for just a fraction of the price with these types of portable garage shelter.


Rounded Portable Garage

With its distinct characteristic, this rounded surface is more than what it looks. Specifically, when loads of snowfall on top of the shelter, it will slide down to the ground easily. Having too much snow piled up on top could result in the collapse of the shelter. For any buyer, the rounded frame can be a great solution for the changing weather condition. However, some portable shelters are hardly enough to support a vehicle's height, and others wide enough to house two or more cars at the same time. In any instance, choosing the right width, height, and length of a portable shelter is important.


Winter is that time of the year where a homeowner puts their vehicle in for storage, and it remains there for a couple of months. Rather than changing the side walls and door panel of a peak shelter, the rounded portable garages are already equipped with those important features. The polyethylene cover arches from one side and to the next, providing just the right amount of protection to keep out moisture and harmful UV rays.


Things to consider when buying a portable garage

There are many types of portable garage shelter on the market which come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. If you want to be happy with your decision, consider this list of essential things you need to understand before you go out shopping for a portable shelter:


  • Understand what type of portable garage shelter you are looking for. Maybe you just need space to park your small car or need ample space to store your equipment and vehicles, such as your truck or boat. You also have to consider the size, color and roof style of the portable shelter that will suit your needs.

  • Decide on the type of material you want for your portable garage shelter. Do you need fabric or those metal ones? In comparison. portable metal garages are way more expensive, harder to set up and less flexible than compared to portable fabric garages. But they are more durable and can protect your vehicles much better from the extreme weather conditions.

  • Consider investing in some additional add-ons for your portable garage shelter. You can add light on the roof of your carport to provide light during night time. You can also install vent kits to keep dust and moisture away. Remember that a portable garage shelter is the most efficient and affordable option for your storage needs. Attach a security camera to protect your valuable properties against theft.

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With the extreme weather conditions and the changing climate, it is essential to ensure that the livestock like the cattle, horses and other farm animals, have appropriate shelters to protect them from the cold and wind. The changing weather patterns may reduce the animal’s temperature to below critical level, which can heavily result in a decrease in weight gain and may eventually cause more harm to your farm animals. Having livestock shelters can help improve your animal's’ health by protecting them from the cold winds and blizzards and provide shade from the intense heat of the sun.


A lot of animals can tolerate a broad range of temperatures if they are well taken care of and have adequate food and water. However, a proper shelter can significantly improve the welfare of your animals and reduce any production losses. Animals without shelter may suffer a lot. For some animals, the outcome may eventually get worse. So it’s vital to give your animals proper shelter. Regardless of the type of shelter or shade that you use for livestock, giving them enough housing can ultimately improve productivity and maintain good health throughout the cold months.


Features of a Portable Shelter

Portable shades can be built from a galvanized steel frame and layers of fabric which keeps the inner materials of the fabric from breaking down over time. Portable livestock shelters are quite adaptable as it can be moved to different locations if the shelter is not needed in the area anymore. These structures can be entirely or partially disassembled when not needed. Livestock shelters are also designed to be naturally flexible and ventilating. Generally, a portable shelter is recommended to have layers of fabric for maximum comfort and protection.


Portable structures may be built with pins to keep the end arches from spreading apart and causing the shelter to break. The pins can help support the shape of the structure and, most importantly, keep the shelter from spreading farther apart than they should be. It is also necessary to ensure that the frame can withstand any movement or rough-housing the animals may cause. Be cautious about the size of a portable livestock shelter, especially for those that will be moved from time to time. Keep in mind that the amount of housing provided should be enough for all animals to access it at the same time to prevent overcrowding. Allow moisture to run off and secure it adequately to avoid any excess movement or destruction from the extreme wind.

Animals at High Risk of Cold Stress

Often times, animals cannot adapt to certain temperature changes. Cold stress can increase an animal’s need for energy to maintain their body temperature from functioning. Studies showed that an animal's’ energy can significantly increase during the cold winter months.


  • Animals in low body condition - Cold stress has shown to decrease the rate of absorption in low body condition which can harm their immune systems and can contribute to early death.

  • Sick animals -They need to have proper shelter, as even the strongest and healthiest animals can die if exposed to severe weather.

  • Newborn animals - Newly born animals are at high risk during cold climate due to their relatively small size.


By providing quality shelter and increasing highly nutritious and digestible food, you can help livestock maintain normal body temperature and production, minimizing the harmful effects of cold stress.


What Makes Our Portable Livestock Shelters the Best

If you are in need of some of the best quality portable livestock shelters in the market, Rhino Shelter is the answer. We use only high-grade materials in all our products. In addition, our frames undergo a process of hot-dip galvanizing method that will ensure the longevity and safety of each product and ensure maximum safety for years to come. If you are looking for a portable shelter that is sure to last for years, our portable shelters are the way to go.


We also provide a wide variety of options to help you get exactly what you are looking for. Our range of sizes allows you to find the perfect size for your animals, from horses, cattle to goats. Not to mention that all our shelters are portable and adaptable. You don’t have to worry about not being able to take your shelter with you wherever you go. Contact us today at 800-447-7079, and we will gladly respond to any of your questions. You can also reach us by emailing us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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A garage is the one part of the house that most people usually ignore. We toss our old clothes and items in there. We pile our yard tools on top of each other, randomly stack shelves and boxes, and have about a dozen junk. In the end, it’s left untouched and unorganized. It really is hard to get motivated when your garage looks like a dump. And the last thing you want to do is waste minutes looking for an item you need. Your garage is probably one of the biggest rooms in your house, so it's important to select an adjustable storage system that allows easy access to your most valuable items.

If your garage already has no room to store a car, don’t worry. You can start organizing a garage without any worries. If you organize your garage, it can help you know exactly what you have and where it is placed. Most people who have a lot of tools don't have the money to get some additional space. Fortunately, with a few simple storage ideas, you can keep your garage clean and well-organized. Here are easy and brilliant garage organization ideas that will surely make your garage completely organized.


#1 Planning

Pick a day when you want to start pulling everything out of your garage and into your yard. It can seem productive to tackle one single corner at a time. Just by getting everything out will help you assess what you already have and what you need to take out. Keep in mind the limited space you have and stay motivated to organize your garage as much as possible.

It’s better to draw out a plan. Take necessary notes and measurements of your windows and doors and other utilities. Also, determine how much space you'll need if you have a car. Here are several things to consider.

Garden tools work best near the door.

Mark out zones for storing things.

Seasonal items can be kept hidden in bins.

Trash and recycling should be within reach.

Some zones might overlap using overhead shelves or storage.


#2 Cleaning

Once everything is out of the garage, it’s time to start sorting everything into its proper place. You can purge once, then go back in the garage and purge again. Start throwing things that you don’t need anymore. For items that you're about to get rid of, sort it into three piles: toss, recycle and donate. After you've sorted it out, clean your garage from top to bottom.

When it comes to tools, consider what you use frequently and what can be stored for some time. The most important thing when organizing a garage is to examine the space and determine what items should or can be stored together.

Automotive tools and supplies

Gardening supplies and tools

Garbage and recycling

Sports and heavy gear

Household tools and hardware

Paints and combustibles


Seasonal items, such as holiday decorations


#3 Organizing

Depending on what items you have in your garage and the number of items you need to store, you may be faced with some interesting storage difficulties. Consider the type of storage option you’ll need and assess how to organize your garage. Gather all storage containers and hooks and get them ready for use. If you sort out carefully and cut down to just the necessary items, you can arrange everything clearly and easily.

Once you have a plan set out and you've selected your storage options, it's time to start getting things back in place. Here are some ideas.

Use plastic bins to see what's inside and keep everything dust-free quickly.

Keep lawn and garden tools off the floor with an adjustable wall system.

Small cabinets can be multifunctional by using it as a workbench.

Consider getting a garden shed and moving the yard tools and supplies there.

Place your trash and recycling bins within easy reach.

Hooks are also ideal for hanging bikes out of the way.

Use handy pegboard for a custom layout of hand tools and storage containers.

Use a Portable Storage Shelter

One of the best ways to make the most out of your portable garage shelter and maintain it organized is to have a portable storage shelter. The main benefit of a portable shelter is it’s built specifically for your space and designed to meet your needs. We all have distinct lifestyles, which can result in different storage needs and requirements. By creating something based on your individual needs, you get the perfect storage solution to help your garage stay organized throughout the years. At Rhino Shelter, we provide quality portable shelters and garages of different sizes, and we work with you to create the perfect fit. You can choose from a variety of shelter options for the ideal garage storage system you need.


Now is the perfect time to organize your garage and buy a portable garage shelter. For expert shelter and storage needs, call us at 800-447-7079 today!

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