• Portable Buildings Protect Your Valuables from the Elements
    Portable Buildings Protect Your Valuables from the Elements
  • Garages in a full Range of sizes that suit any need.
    Garages in a full Range of sizes that suit any need.
  • Party Tents Keep Guests Dry and Comfortable at events.
    Party Tents Keep Guests Dry and Comfortable at events.
  • Livestock Shelters provide all season protection for animals.
    Livestock Shelters provide all season protection for animals.
  • Create Outdoor Workspaces for that special project.
    Create Outdoor Workspaces for that special project.
  • Need a larger shelter? Rhino Shelter has you covered.
    Need a larger shelter? Rhino Shelter has you covered.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Garage Shelter

Versatile, durable, and inexpensive, portable garage shelters have been gaining popularity over the years as an innovative storage solution. These shelters have countless uses. People use them to house their vehicles, shelter their greenhouses, store their equipment, hold their parties - and even keep their horses. If you’re reading this guide, it's no doubt you’ve already become intrigued by these possibilities and want to explore the option of buying a shelter. That leaves only one question in your mind: ‘Which portable garage is best for me?’

Since portable shelters are so versatile, they come with many options. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the new information. This brief guide will try to narrow down what you want and what to buy. Here are 4 tips to get you started on picking out the best portable garage shelter for your needs:

1. Know your needs, plan your budget

Portable garage shelters provide equally durable, more versatile, and less expensive alternatives to traditional storage facilities. Depending on your needs, prices range from several hundred dollars to a couple thousand. So before you get started on the search itself, you need to first set a budget for yourself. The best way to plan out your budget is to focus it around your needs: the purpose of the shelter. A portable garage used to store tools may be more affordable than one used to house vehicles. Know your needs, plan your budget, then you can dive right into the search.

2. Size matters - Know what you’re working with

When picking out the size of your portable garage shelter, you need to ask yourself three questions. The first and foremost: How much space do you have available? Before even starting your search for the right portable garage shelter, you need to pick out a location for it. You have to know exactly what you’re working with. If you wind up buying a shelter for your RV and it can’t fit into your backyard, you’ll have wasted your time, energy, and resources.

After figuring out your available space, you need to identify the shelter’s purpose. What are you protecting? Is the shelter intended for a vehicle, such as a car, a motorcycle, or even a boat? Or are you using the shelter as a makeshift greenhouse or equipment shed? Is the shelter meant for holding garden parties, or will it serve as the pen of your livestock? All of the above? Whatever the case, you first need to identify the shelter’s purpose before you can pick out its size. A shelter for a motorcycle will have very different dimensions than one intended to keep a greenhouse.

Which leads us to the final question: what are the measurements of the thing you intend to shelter? These dimensions don’t necessarily need to be specific. You can get away with a rough estimate, so long as you also account for movement room when figuring out how much space everything will take up. For example, if you’re going to use the shelter for a car, you need to know the car’s height so you can make sure it will have enough clearance. You also should account for the space you’ll need to open the car doors.

3. Pay attention to the construction materials

Incredibly important: pay attention to construction materials when picking out a shelter for yourself. Garage shelters with frames and covers composed of different materials differ in strength, weight, price, and other attributes - some will be more useful to you than others.

Portable garage shelters generally use steel frames designed to strike a balance between durability and lightness. As you compare different shelter brands, check the diameter of the steel frames. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the larger the diameter, the stronger and sturdier the shelter will be. However, if you’re on a budget, you might want to stay away from frames with thicker diameters. They tend to be more expensive. Also, their heaviness may also prove inconvenient if you intent to move your shelter around a lot. Stick to the larger diameter frames only if you can afford it, or if you’re going to set up your shelter for long periods of time.

Now for the covers. Portable garage shelter covers tend to be made of polyester or polyethylene. The difference between them is, like with the frames, price versus durability. Polyethylene covers, while more expensive, better filters out UV rays and last longer than polyester ones. When looking at covers, consider how the weather may affect your shelter. A place with lots of sunshine or rain can damage your cover over time, so you might want to get the polyethylene cover for its durability.

4. Use accessories to help get the most out of your garage shelter

When choosing a garage shelter, you must also consider accessories to enhance them or provide added protection. For example, anchor kits. Garage shelters lack foundations. If they’re not properly anchored to the ground, they risk being overturned by the wind. To prevent this from happening, you can buy different kinds of anchor kits depending on your needs.
  • Auger-style anchors utilize a corkscrew design that make them good choices for shelters placed over grass, asphalt, clay, and unpacked soil. They can be removed and reused, making them perfect for shelters that constantly switch locations.
  • Hook anchors, however, find better use in permanent installations since they cannot be reused. They have more versatility than auger-style anchors and can be used in asphalt, grass, clay, gravel, and rocky soil.
Apart from anchor kits, you may also want to look into sidewall and enclosure kits for added weather protection. These kits basically turn your portable shelter into one that looks and functions more like a traditional storage facility with three walls and a door. Sidewalls provide bug protection and also afford an extra layer of privacy, perfect for outdoor parties.

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