• Portable Buildings Protect Your Valuables from the Elements
    Portable Buildings Protect Your Valuables from the Elements
  • Garages in a full Range of sizes that suit any need.
    Garages in a full Range of sizes that suit any need.
  • Party Tents Keep Guests Dry and Comfortable at events.
    Party Tents Keep Guests Dry and Comfortable at events.
  • Livestock Shelters provide all season protection for animals.
    Livestock Shelters provide all season protection for animals.
  • Create Outdoor Workspaces for that special project.
    Create Outdoor Workspaces for that special project.
  • Need a larger shelter? Rhino Shelter has you covered.
    Need a larger shelter? Rhino Shelter has you covered.

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Portable shelters are used in many ways. From storing vehicles to providing extra shelter for outdoor equipment, people are always finding new ways to utilize their portable shelters. As winter approaches, it can be a huge help when you have extra space on hand to store your winter tools. Although outdoor storage space is perfect for snowmobiles and snow blowers, many clients use their shelter to store firewood for the upcoming cold winter nights.

Tips to Store Firewood in Portable Shelter

You’ve worked hard to gather, split, and stack your firewood. Your family is excited for all the memories they are about to make as you all gather around the fireplace to keep warm during the holiday season. Now it’s time to protect your firewood after all your hard work. Once you have enough firewood to last you through the winter, these tips can help make sure you get through.

Find a Convenient Location

Store your firewood in a location that is convenient. Easy access to your firewood will be helpful when you want to keep that fire going. Keep in mind that logs left outdoors can attract insects. When you store logs next to your home, insects can collect on the wood and enter your home. When you store your firewood in a portable shelter, you will protect the wood from infestation.

Protect Your Firewood from Moisture

The best time to collect firewood for winter is in the spring. This will give you seasoned wood that is dried of moisture by the time winter months roll in. The heat and sun of the summer months can help to remove moisture from your firewood. Once you have gathered your firewood, you will want to store it in a place where it is protected from moisture. Portable shelters allow you to keep your firewood dry, so it will burn efficiently when you need it.

Elevate and Circulate

When stored directly on the ground, firewood can collect moisture and attract unwanted insects. Elevate your firewood to promote proper air circulation and avoid moisture build up. You will also deter pests and wood rot.

When you properly store your firewood, you will have easy access to quality wood without the pests. Portable shelters come in all shapes and sizes. They are the perfect option to ensure you will have long burning, low emission fires through the entire winter season.

Get in the holiday spirit this season as you plan a fun themed party this year. Whether you are planning a get together for your employees, family, or friends, these top trending themes are sure to make your party even better! Heated, outdoor party tents make a great set up to plan your perfect holiday party for 2016.

v  Santa’s Workshop. Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? Using the Santa’s Workshop theme is a great option for holiday parties. Decorate with homemade accents that are cheap and easy. For example, red ball ornaments with felt buckles, sled servers, stockings with sleigh bells, and more. There are a lot of do-it-yourself banners to add extra decorations to your party. Choose one that has a catchy, Santa-themed phrase like “Believe.” The color theme will obviously be red and white, but you can add accents of black to make those colors pop! Find a local children’s chorus to perform to add an extra holiday element and a great source of entertainment for your guests. You can use this theme to do good for others as well. Have those attending bring a toy to donate to children in need.

v  A Christmas Story. So many of us know the plot of A Christmas Story by heart. Stores even sell a replica version of Ralphie’s homemade onesie pajamas. This theme is sure to be a fun one for your guests, and its popularity is through the roof because of the society’s love of the movie. Serve menu items that match some of the foods that come to mind from the movie, or plan a 1940s-food theme. Turkey, duck, Coca-Cola in glass bottles, and fun candies like Bazooka Bubble Gum and Almond Joy make for great suggestions. Find a life-size leg lamp to use as the focal point of your party. Encourage friends to take selfies with the lamp and create a fun hash tag to use on social media. Set the holiday mood with lots of Christmas lights. Entertainment for a party with this theme is easy given Ralphie’s obsession with the Red Ryder BB gun. Rent a shoot-the-balloon carnival game that gives guests themed prizes like a bar of soap, decoder pins, and Christmas Story ornaments.

v  Masquerade Ball. This theme is a great idea for adults only parties or office holiday parties. The theme of gold that is seen in most masquerade balls goes with the holidays and accents of purple will add to the theme. A successful masquerade ball party needs masks. Encourage guests to bring their own, but keep a few extra on hand for those who are unable to find masks themselves. The menu should be light finger foods. Hire a serving staff for passed hors d’oeuvres so guests can mingle through the evening. The bar will be a focal point of your party. Start the night off with champagne cocktails and move into premium and top shelf drinks served by professionally dressed bartenders. Want to add some entertainment? Think about hiring a signing group, string quartet, or small orchestra based on your budget.

v  The Night Before Christmas. This is a great theme for those that are tired of the traditional holiday theme. This gothic theme will channel your inner Tim Burton. Incorporate dark and strange décor. Use tall, iron bars with big brass candelabras. Black and ivory should be found as color themes throughout, and consider renting pieces of furniture like oblong armchairs and couches to add accents throughout the room. Follow a traditional menu with items like roast poultry and vegetables. Opt for a DJ or band for your entertainment.

Whatever theme you choose, carefully plan your party with easy, extra steps that will make it a night to remember!

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